The reason why Evaluna Montaner does not change the diapers of Indigo, her son with Camilo

The reason why Evaluna Montaner does not change the diapers

The arrival of Indigo has revolutionized the lives of Camilo Y Evaluate Montaner completely. The marriage of singers has been facing their first experience as parents with great emotion and momentum, and the Colombian singer detailed part of the daily routine that he and his wife carry out to take care of his firstborn. During … Read more

After 24 years as a couple, Catarina Spinetta and Nahuel Mutti separated: the reason

After 24 years as a couple Catarina Spinetta and Nahuel

Ángel de Brito confirmed the separation of Catarina Spinetta and Nahuel Mutti Last January 19Catherine Spinetta Y Nahuel Mutti They celebrated 24 years of love. And, at that time, there was nothing to predict that the end of the couple would be close to materializing. However, it was Angel of Brito who, in this Friday’s … Read more

Eduardo Rodríguez would have preferred Toni Costa over several for this reason

Eduardo Rodriguez would have preferred Toni Costa over several for

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Rafael Nieves joins the list of stars who will participate in La Casa de los Famosos 01:42 Salvador Zerboni reveals that in The House of the Famous he will show his soul 03:40 Miss Brazil Julia Gama confirms … Read more

The reason why Johnny Depp doesn’t look Amber Heard in the eye at the trial

Amber Heard decided to divorce Johnny Depp in May 2016 (Reuters) The trial for defamation of Amber Heard Y Johnny Depp resumed after a week-long hiatus, and the 36-year-old “Aquaman” actress took the stand on Monday. Depp, 58, refuses to look at his ex-wife during the trial that began in April in a court in … Read more

Laura Bozzo makes Niurka cry in “The House of the Famous”. look at the reason

Written in CELEBRITIES the 5/13/2022 10:00 p.m. For several years, the relationship between the vedette Niurka Marcos and the driver Laura Bozzo it’s quite complicated Well, on several occasions their different points of view have confronted them on social networks and before cameras. The enmity became more evident after the Peruvian described Irina Baeva as … Read more

Mariano Martínez revealed the reason that prevents him from spending more time with his youngest daughter: “It is inhuman”

Mariano Martínez told the reason why he spends little time with his youngest daughter As a very present father, Mariano Martinez She really enjoys the company of her three children: olivia Y Miloas a result of his relationship with Juliana GiambroniY Soulthe smallest, of its link with Camila Cavallo, from whom he also separated, on … Read more

The daughters of Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero have not yet met their little brother: the reason

The daughters of Nicole Neumann and Fabian Cubero have not

Indiana, Sienna and Allegra with Fabián Cubero on Mica Viciconte’s birthday (Instagram) Much was speculated about what was going to happen the day he was born Lucathe son of Fabian Cubero Y Mica Viciconte. And it is that the conflict between the former soccer player and nicole neumannthe mother of his daughters Indiana, Allegra Y … Read more

Know the reason why William Levy did not marry Elizabeth Gutiérrez

1650117447 Know the reason why William Levy did not marry Elizabeth

It was almost 20 years of sentimental relationship that the renowned actor had William Levy and the actress Elizabeth Gutierrez. For quite some time this couple was considered one of the most solid and beloved in the artistic environment, but at the beginning of 2022 they decided to go their separate ways to the surprise … Read more

Indigo, the baby of Evaluna and Camilo, will NOT bear the surname Montaner for this REASON

Indigo the baby of Evaluna and Camilo will NOT bear

Eva Luna and Camilo The hours are already counting to receive her first child, Indigo, because at this point in your advanced pregnancy, the baby could be born at any time. The couple, as well as their families, are impatiently awaiting the arrival of this new member, however in recent days the announcement that Ricardo … Read more

The new new battle that divides Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña: the reason that will face the former couple again

The new new battle that divides Pampita and Benjamin Vicuna

Pampita and Benjamin Vicuna Seven years after their scandalous separation, Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña found calm in recent times. Especially after he separated from China Suárez, the model and the Chilean were shown together on more than one occasion and in addition to sharing family celebrations, as they always did, they posed together for the … Read more