Andrés García recalled when Joana Benedek rejected him for his son Leonardo

The actor confessed that a famous actress preferred to go out with her son Photos: Instagram @andresgarciatvoficial / @leonardogarciaof/@joana_benedek The renowned gallant Mexican Golden Cinema, Andres Garcia, who is known for being a heartthrob during his heyday as an actor, had the opportunity to talk about Joana Benedek, actress who resisted his charms, as she … Read more

Lis Vega recalled the difficult moment she went through when she found out that she could not be a mother due to an illness

Lis Vega was born on October 20, 1977 in Havana, Cuba. He is currently 44 years old. (Photo: Instagram/@lisvegaoficial) Lis Vega confessed that currently it is no longer within her plans to become a mother after during her youth she tried to get pregnant, but could not get it due to illness. The dancer opened … Read more

Osvaldo Ríos recalled details of his relationship with Shakira: “He was not faithful”

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Jennifer Grey, actress of Dirty Dancing, recalled her stormy romance with Johnny Depp: “I’ve never seen a guy like that”

In the middle of trial they deliver Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Jennifer Gray recalled her difficult romance with the actorwith whom she was engaged in the late 1980s. The protagonist of Dirty Dancing assured in his brand new memoirs, out of the cornerwhat her ex was very jealous and that the courtship ended up … Read more

José Eduardo Derbez recalled the disappointment that a fan had for not seeing him drunk


The actor starred in the series “My uncle.” (Photo: Instagram/@jose_eduardo92) like seldom, Jose Eduardo Derbez shared one of the worst experiences he has faced with fans during his artistic career. The Mexican interpreter said that some time ago he felt disappointed about the impression that some people had with him after a surprising encounter with … Read more

Another former Big Brother participant recalled her time on the reality show: “I was super unaware of everything”


The former GH recounted her experience in the 2007 edition and spoke about the sayings of the former participants the strong statements of former Big Brother Pamela Bevilacqua Y Emmanuel DiGiogia, both from the 2011 edition, impacted several former reality show participants. in the last hours Jessica Teddy Gómez recounted how he lived the experience … Read more

Dalma Maradona recalled the fights with her father and revealed the reasons why she has no relationship with her brothers


The daughter of Diez and Claudia Villafañe recognized that during her adolescence she had some disagreements with the soccer star Wednesday night Dalma Maradona opened the guest segment in The LAM Armyand kept a hand in hand with Ángel de Brito where he did not dodge any questions. The actress she is in the fifth … Read more

Eugenio Derbez recalled in detail his fake wedding with Victoria Ruffo: “It hurts a lot”


The comic producer and actor highlighted that Victoria and her family were aware that it was a costume party (Photo: Instagram/@ederbez/@victoriaruffofcc) Eugenio Derbez has spoken for the first time in such detail about the alleged fake wedding with which he would have cheated on Victoria Ruffo, who sued him for moral damages for this reason. … Read more

Andrés García recalled how he launched Paco Stanley’s career: “He was charming”


Andrés García recalled how Paco Stanley’s beginnings were in entertainment (Photos: Cuartoscuro / Instagram @andresgarciatvoficial) More than 22 years after murder of paco stanley, Andres Garcia He remembered how he met him and how strong their friendship was thanks to the fact that it would have been him who launched him into the artistic medium. … Read more

“My dear Andrés García”: Roberto Palazuelos recalled his friendship with an unpublished photograph


Roberto Palazuelos – Andrés García (Photo: Cuartoscuro / Instagram) Roberto Palazuelos He surprised his followers of social networks with a trip to the past after the estrangement that, a few days ago, he confirmed lives with his great friend, Andrés García. The Black diamond published an unpublished photograph where he posed with the famous movie … Read more