Pablo Montero explains his absence from the final recording of ‘El Último Rey’

Pablo Montero / Courtesy The actor Pablo Montero was honest about the most recent controversy in which he has been involved after Juan Osorio revealed that he did not show up for the recording of the final scene of the series The last king, the son of the people. After it became known that the … Read more

Anahí was fighting against this harsh disease when she was recording RBD; What is it about?

Anahi, who currently remains away from the stage and the artistic medium in general, rose to fame thanks to the telenovela Rebel (2004-2006). In that inter, he was part of the band RBD, beside Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Sweet Maria, Christian chavez Y Christopher Uckermann. The Mexican actress and singer de began his career from … Read more