The response of Carmen Villalobos to the personal reflection of her husband Sebastián Caicedo

Sebastian Caicedo, who has starred in telenovelas such as “El Tesoro”, shared a photo on May 28 that he accompanied with a text in which he reflected on his personal growth. Given this, carmen villalobosstar of “Till money do us part” and wife of the actor, could not help but comment. MORE INFORMATION: In addition … Read more

Elizabeth Gutiérrez separation: Launch reflection on social networks

After separation, Elizabeth Gutiérrez launches reflection Followers tell him he deserves better than William Levy The alleged infidelities of the actor What’s going on? After her separation from the Cuban William Levy, the actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez appears on social networks launching a strong personal reflection and speaks for the first time about what she feels, … Read more

Connie Ansaldi shared her before and after photos, with 10 kilos less and a deep reflection

Connie Ansaldi a year ago and today Connie Ansaldi shared to her more than a million followers the photos of her “before and after” with ten kilos less and a deep reflection on the importance of being healthy beyond aesthetics. Her post obtained more than ten thousand “likes” and hundreds of comments, mainly from women … Read more

The story of Rebel Wilson in Hollywood before and after losing weight deserves reflection

After earnestly seeking to improve their health and eating habits, rebel wilson It has given a major makeover in recent years. Since she announced her intentions in 2020, the actress from Giving the note or JojoRabbit has lost more than 30 kilos and shows an almost unrecognizable appearance, being a case that is showing us … Read more

Viviana Saccone shared a topless photo along with a deep reflection: “I am a woman who loves herself”

Viviana Saccone (Instagram) Viviana Saccone proved to be a woman who lives completely free of prejudice. In fact, being one of the most prestigious actresses both for her leading roles in soap operas and for her work in film and theater, last year she had no problem being part of The academy from ShowMatch and … Read more

Strong reflection of Benjamín Vicuña on the end of his relationship with China Suárez

Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárez were together for five years and are the parents of Magnolia and Amancio Reluctant to give interviews in which they ask him about his private life, little by little Benjamin Vicuña he begins to make public some thoughts about the turbulence he has been experiencing in recent months. Days ago, … Read more

Gianinna’s hard reflection on Nicki Nicole and Duki’s criticism of Diego Maradona

Gianinna Maradona expressed her anger at Nicki Nicole and Duki for criticizing her father “I was not born in the time of Diego Maradona and football does not interest me, but I know a lot about his past, so I am not his fan. My father and my grandfather are, but I It also seems … Read more