In addition to working together, Barbara de Regil will pass on her exercise routine to Salma Hayek

Barbara de Regil: Salma Hayek asked her for exercise routines | AFP We recently received the shocking news that Salma Hayek will be producing a new movie for vix counting on some actors from Televisa, among them Barbara of Regilbeing herself who told us that apart from meeting her, she also asked her to pass … Read more

Bárbara de Regil shows herself natural and shows off her stretch marks: “This is my body and I love it”

Bárbara shows herself natural and shows off her stretch marks (Photo: Instagram/@barbaraderegil) Barbara of Regil paralyzed social networks during the last week of May by sharing an emotional message of self love and an intimate photograph showing himself naturally with his stretch marks, to which he dedicated some emotional words. It was through your account. … Read more

Maribel Guardia in a white swimsuit at 62, surpasses Bárbara de Regil in a black one

Maribel Guardia in a white swimsuit at 62, surpasses Bárbara de Regil in a black one. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Like a quinceañera, Maribel guard In a white swimsuit at 62, he surpasses Barbara de Regil in a black one. The gorgeous Costa Rican actress and singer proved that age is just a number, and she … Read more

Bárbara de Regil characterized herself as an iconic character for the Christmas holidays: “My version of Grinch arrived”


Photo: Instagram @barbaraderegil Barbara de Regil caused a sensation on social networks after publishing a series of photographs where she wore a spectacular makeup inspired by “The Grinch”, Iconic character who hates Christmas. During yesterday afternoon, the protagonist of Rosario Scissors He shared with his Instagram followers the final result of an elaborate makeup that … Read more

VIDEO: Marco Antonio Regil reveals the powerful reason why he ended up with Adamari López


One of the most coveted bachelors on Hispanic television is undoubtedly the famous Mexican driver, Marco Antonio RegilThey have even nicknamed him the unmarried, and apparently it is real because in an interview with Yordi Rosado, he talked about his love affairs and his breakups, especially the one he starred in with the renowned Telemundo … Read more

Gala Montes vs Bárbara de Regil: This is how the WAR between the two stars has been


Despite having more than 10 years of artistic career, the fame of Bárbara de Regil came in 2016, when she was selected to star in the narcoseries “Rosario Tijeras”, a production that has been crowned in style. Throughout three seasons, the Mexican actress not only wasted sensuality and talent, but many say that she made … Read more

Adrián Di Monte and Marco Antonio Regil: this is the heart of Adamari López


It was in 2001 when Adamari Lopez debuted in the soap operas of Televisa in the melodrama “Friends and rivals”, Alongside Angelica Vale, Ludwika Paleta and Michelle Vieth, what he would never imagine is that this would only be the beginning of a successful career. After several successes on Mexican TV, the Puerto Rican decided … Read more

Anahí with an abdomen more marked than that of Bárbara de Regil, makes one sigh


Anahí, with a more marked abdomen than Bárbara de Regil’s, makes us sigh. | PHOTO: INSTAGRAM Despite staying away from the spotlight and the stage for a long time, the singer, a former member of RBD, Anahi, continues to stay in shape, and looks better every time. In fact, with an abdomen more marked than … Read more

Gala Montes and Bárbara de Regil mercilessly argued on Instagram for the death of a dog


Gala Montes and Bárbara de Regil mercilessly argued on Instagram over the death of a dog (Photo: Instagram / @barbaraderegil @galamontes Barbara de Regil, actress and fitness influencer, made a sad post on social media with which she revealed the death of Nala, her pet, happened the early morning of November 14, 2021 because it … Read more

Adamari López confessed that Marco Antonio Regil has a CELOS problem ?: VIDEO


Today, AdamarI López has become the most coveted single in the Spanish-speaking TV, because her charisma and beauty have made her steal the hearts of viewers. And it is that every morning accompanied the families through the morning of Telemundo, Today, who have witnessed his impressive physical change, since he has lost several kilos of … Read more