William Levy, do you regret having separated from Elizabeth Gutiérrez?: “If you have that person, take care of her”

William Levy announced at the beginning of this 2022 that he was separating from the woman with whom he shared his life for the last two decades, the actress Elizabeth Gutierrez. However, the Cuban actor could be thinking about the possibility of reconciling with the mother of his two children, this suspicion has arisen after … Read more

“It was not the life I deserved”: Mariana Ochoa said why she does not regret her infidelity

More than 10 years ago, Mariana Ochoa’s mother introduced her to Christian Ezkenazi, a painter who immediately won her heart. the singer of OV7. In 2010, after living together for a year, Mariana and Christian got married and traveled to Thailand to enjoy their honeymoon. However, her trip was devastating for the singer, who returned … Read more

11 actors who regret their famous movie roles, from Harrison Ford to Kate Winslet


“What is your biggest regret?” This might be one of the most obvious questions a journalist can ask an actor, but the answer can often be very revealing. Just because an actor stars in an acclaimed movie doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll remember it positively. In fact, it seems that some actors are even more critical … Read more