The mysterious messages of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez about relationships

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Belinda: the most controversial relationships of the pop singer

Some of his most popular exes are Lupillo Rivera, Christian Nodal and Giovanni dos Santos (Photos: Twitter/@belindaidolos) Belinda has not stopped being a trend in social networks and media after Christian Nodal announced through his official account Instagram that he had ended his recent engagement as well as his relationship with the singer. Despite the … Read more

Drew Barrymore and Kate Hudson reveal they had open relationships with Luke and Owen Wilson

There are many famous couples who have chosen to open their relationship for different reasons, and more and more speak naturally of this way of seeing love. So much Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith What Scarlett Johansson and Colin Josh are some of those who have opted for this choice. This time it has been … Read more

Thelma Fardin spoke about how her fight against Juan Darthés affects her: “Not only in my relationships does it get complicated”

The actress gave details of the judicial process in an interview with Alejandro Fantino Thelma Fardin reappeared on television, after being admitted to the Pirovano Hospital, from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, due to a peak of stress. His health was affected by the trial against Juan Darthes, for aggravated rape, which began at … Read more

Father of the ‘Cat’ warned him about Melissa Paredes: “He has had many relationships before him”

On many occasions it was said that Jorge Cuba, Rodrigo Cuba’s father, did not get along with Melissa Paredes. For this reason, the father of the popular ‘Gato’ came to the fore to clarify and give his version in the program “Amor y Fuego”. LOOK HERE | Melissa Paredes breaks her silence after conciliating with … Read more