Chiquibaby remembers the romantic moment when they asked her to marry him

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Catherine Zeta-Jones and the visible scar with which she remembers the day she was one step away from death, being just a girl

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Photo: Getty) Although in recent years he has distanced himself from acting, Catherine Zeta-Jones He is one of the great figures of international cinema. It is not necessary to see her starring in a film to know about her life: she is always in the news. One of her last appearances was at … Read more

Sara Maldonado remembers the painful reason why she had to abort: “The baby has no heart”


Some days ago Sarah Maldonado revealed that is not closed to the possibility of becoming a mother through adoptionthis after having gone through painful moments at the end of 2020 when he faced the loss of a baby and shortly after discovered his partner’s infidelity. Although the actress had kept this painful episode of her … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II remembers the Duke of Edinburgh in her emotional Christmas speech


A sapphire brooch, the same one she wore on her honeymoon, and a photo with her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, were the only decorative elements seen during the Queen of England’s Christmas speech. This time, Elizabeth II wanted to dedicate her traditional message to the monarch consort, who died last April. These days can be … Read more

Eduardo Palomo’s daughter remembers him 18 years after his departure with an emotional message


Eduardo Palomo’s daughter remembers him 18 years after his departure with an emotional message. | Instagram Special Eduardo Palomo’s daughter remembers him 18 years after his departure with an emotional messageWell, although she and her brother were very young when the actor transcended, the memories and love of his mother have kept him very present. … Read more

This is how Mariah Carey remembers her relationship with Luis Miguel, a romance that appears in the biopic about the artist

The third season of the series about the life of Luis Miguel He tells, among other things, how was his relationship with Mariah Carey, a courtship that lasted for about three years (between 1999 and 2001). In the Netflix fiction, in which Jade Ewen plays the artist, it is detailed that Luis Miguel was the … Read more

Arturo Peniche’s brother remembers when he accidentally killed an actor like Alec Baldwin

Like Alec Baldwin, the Mexican actor Flavio Peniche also recklessly killed a colleague during the filming of a movie. Arturo Peniche’s younger brother lived through the ordeal 19 years ago and in 2017 he was finally exonerated, after signing every week in prison for 14 years while continuing the process on probation. Peniche regretted the … Read more