Alessandra Rosaldo responded to Mhoni Vidente for predicting divorce with Eugenio Derbez

The singer questioned the capabilities of the fortune teller for talking about her marriage to Eugenio Derbez. After Mhoni Seer assured that the divorce of Eugenio Derbez Y Alessandro Rosaldo is close, the actress did not want to remain silent and denied the predictions of the famous fortune teller. A few weeks ago Mhoni Vidente … Read more

Amber Heard responded to Johnny Depp’s TikTok: he used his ex’s words against him

In early April, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard embarked on one of the trials more Hollywood media. The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor accused his ex-wife of defaming him in an opinion piece that he published in ‘The Washington Post’ newspaper in 2018, in which he recounted the domestic violence he experienced in the past. … Read more

Luisito Comunica responded to Lele Pons’ remarks: “I don’t throw hate, I’m not like that”

Luisito and Lele’s controversy is not over yet (Photos: Cuartoscuro/gettyimages) The controversy between influencers Luisito Comunica and Lele Pons does not end, because recently the youtuber Mexican responded to the Venezuelan assuring her that “she does not throw hate” for to him “it is not so”. And it is that it all started when in … Read more

China Suárez responded to everything: from the controversial phrase attributed to her about Berazategui to the relationship with her former mother-in-law


China Suárez will launch a song together with Santiago Celli and took the opportunity to answer questions from her followers When it seemed that the scandal between Wanda Nara Y Eugenia La China Suarez had calmed down, everything was revived last week after it transcended the alleged message that the actress would have sent to … Read more

How old are Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira and how have they responded to criticism for their age difference


For love there is no age. One of the most famous and mediatic couples of recent times is the one that makes up renowned singer Marc Anthony Y the model Nadia Ferreira, whose relationship has been very well received by fans of the salsa artist. Despite this, some people have questioned the age difference between … Read more

“Look at my legs and buttocks that I like so much”: Sara Uribe responded to those who call her “chubby”


Photo taken from Instagram @Sara_Uribe Sarah Uribe is one of the most recognized models in the country, among other things, for her time in the popular reality show ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’, from RCN Television, which took first place in 2012. Since then, her slim figure and beautiful face have graced magazine covers, notebooks, and … Read more

“We are not in elementary school”: Celia Lora responded to Mane


Celia Lora thought it would be childish to pay attention to Manelyk’s statements Video: YouTube/Image Entertainment Celia Lora went to the program the sun rises to tell about his experience being the cover of the magazine Playboy, this adult entertainment publication had not had any print releases due to the coronavirus pandemic. Towards the end … Read more

“He’s my dad”: this is how Yirlheina, daughter of Yuranis León, responded to her relationship with Mr. Black


Yuranis León and Mr. Black (on the left) and Yirlheina León (on the right), the young woman answered some questions about her relationship with the singer who is not her biological father. Taken from social networks @yuranisleonmrblack and @ yirlheleon09 Mr. Black the president and Yuranis León They have been in a relationship for 11 … Read more

Regina Blandón responded to those who criticize her for using inclusive language: “We must inform ourselves”


Regina Blandón speaks out in favor of inclusive language Mexican actress, Regina Blandon has stood out throughout its history, for being a Algid promoter of social causes such as her support for the community LGBTQ+, in favor of the decriminalization of abortion and the use of inclusive language. Due to this, various users on social … Read more

Elizabeth Gutiérrez responded bluntly to Jacky Bracamontes about “retaining” William Levy with her pregnancy


Elizabeth responded to the statements that Jacqueline Bracamontes made in her book about her and William Levy (Photos: Instagram) After, supposedly, announcing their separation, Elizabeth Gutierrez Y William Levy They are still in the eye of the hurricane, because the actress decided to respond to the accusations that Jacqueline bracamontes did in his biographical book … Read more