Camila Homs’ surprising response to Tini Stoessel

Camila Homs spoke for the first time about Tini Stoessel (Video: “Partners of the show”, El Trece) Much has been said in recent months about the romance between Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo DePaul. Since the first rumors began and the relationship was confirmed with the photos that appeared of them in Ibiza, until the footballer’s … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña’s response to China Suárez’s message about his role as a father

The actress had published a tweet that was interpreted as a claim about his role as a father and the Chilean actor spoke about it end of may Eugenia The China Suarez He put aside the low profile that he had been holding in recent weeks and posted several messages on Twitter about media harassment … Read more

Tom Cruise’s strong response when asked about Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise He is one of the great stars of Hollywood. Currently the actor is going through one of the best moments of his professional career. The recent premiere of Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to the ’80s classic, returned it to the top of the box office, becoming one of the most successful titles of … Read more

China Suárez’s sharp response to L-Ghent about her musical career: “I sang before you were born”

L-Gante was surprised to hear that China Suárez launched herself alone and she responded on Twitter Elian Valenzuela returned to Argentina after his family vacation in Europe, and several cell phones were waiting for him at the Ezeiza airport, in addition to his fans. Relaxed and happy for the affection with which he is always … Read more

The response of Carmen Villalobos to the personal reflection of her husband Sebastián Caicedo


Sebastian Caicedo, who has starred in telenovelas such as “El Tesoro”, shared a photo on May 28 that he accompanied with a text in which he reflected on his personal growth. Given this, carmen villalobosstar of “Till money do us part” and wife of the actor, could not help but comment. MORE INFORMATION: In addition … Read more

They are no longer hidden: Tini Stoessel’s effusive compliment to Rodrigo De Paul and the footballer’s response


Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul no longer hide their love on social media the romance between Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo DePaul advance by leaps and bounds. So much so that the protagonists provide more and more signals on social networks. In this sense, the last show of love came from the singer, who dedicated … Read more

Ángel de Brito’s response to China Suárez after the complaint of media harassment suffered

The release of Angel de Brito to the complaint of China Suárez for harassment (LAM, America) A few kisses at the Martin Fierro after party, a mischievous and confusing statementa, an intimate menu based on Milanese with ketchupthe common signs at a birthday party. The relationship between Eugenia The China Suarez and the musician rushing, … Read more

Dalma Maradona’s blunt response when asked about Daniel Osvaldo and Gianinna’s courtship


The daughter of Ten faced the rumors about the link with her brother-in-law and explained her position from mid-March Gianinna Maradona and Daniel Osvaldo They were shown together again. Although the couple had announced their separation three months earlier, they finally they bet on courtship again, and these days they exchange romantic posts on Instagram. … Read more

Flor Vigna’s blunt response to a follower who criticized her body


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The unexpected criticism that Juana Repetto received about her motherhood and her furious response


Juana Repetto “9 months inside me and already 9 on this side of the skin. The 9 months in both cases moved me a lot, today I am mobilized and excited. Thank you my baby, for revolutionizing our lives in the best of ways (and in all), for the gift of seeing you with your … Read more