Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee and royal fight: the backstage of a family reunion that ended badly

The Platinum Jubilee Queen Isabel ended, the Duke of Cambridge was discovered selling the “homeless” magazine in the streets of the London neighborhood of Kensington and the Royal Family has restarted its agenda. Those four days of festivities in Britain showed a happy Royal Family but not necessarily united and much less reconciled. the duke … Read more

The secret story of the reunion between Pampita and La China Suárez

China Suárez brought a gift to Beltrán, in the midst of his conflict with Benjamin Vicuña China Suarez Y Pampita Ardohain managed to establish a good bond and left in the past the scandal related to the famous motorhome that involved Benjamin Vicuna. Recently, the actress made clear her excellent relationship with her model by … Read more

Kerem Bürsin and Melisa Döngel: the funny reunion of the actors of “Love Is in the Air”

A few days before his 35th birthday, Kerem Bursin He has been seen at an event in which he has had more than good time and in which he has been reunited with an ex-partner from the series “Love Is in the Air”. This is the actress Melisa Döngel, who played Cerem Başar in the … Read more

Would there be a reunion? Ex-boyfriend of “La Chule” replies, “Sol” will not like this


Aracely Arámbula, talks about her ex-boyfriend and her next reunion | Instagram Aracely Arambulawho apparently has a relationship, could meet again with the one who was a “past love”, the “ex of Luis Miguel“, “I would relive old memories” and this would speak the heartthrob about it after being questioned. The “Chihuahuan actress“, Aracely Arambulais … Read more

The truth behind the project of Eugenio Derbez and “El Chavo del 8”, this was the reunion


Everyone thought that Eugenio Derbez would be in charge of directing the Chespirito bioseries. Photo: Special Infobae After what Eugenio Derbez raised suspicions around his mysterious project where he would have the special participation of the Chavo del 8one of the most memorable characters Roberto Gomez Bolanos Chespirito, finally shared what the truth is. Contrary … Read more

Reunion of friends, five months after Wandagate: China Suárez, Mery del Cerro and Cande Vetrano coincided at a party for Lali Espósito


Lali Espósito was moved to see the meeting that her friends secretly organized to surprise her Some months ago Lali Esposito traveled to Madrid to record the new season of the successful series sky red, currently available on Netflix. Although she enjoyed some nights out and live performances of her new hits in front of … Read more

Laughter and complicit looks: the reunion of Jimena Barón and Daniel Osvaldo


Jimena Barón and Daniel Osvaldo Celebrated Momo’s Birthday Since they separated more than six years ago, Jimena Baron and Daniel Osvaldo They had a turbulent relationship that included several accusations by the singer, especially regarding the care of morrison, the son they have in common. However, time passed and, apparently, both understood that their role … Read more

Pilar Montenegro will not be part of Garibaldi’s reunion, but she will be part of the group’s bioseries


Pilar Montenegro decided to retire from the world of entertainment in 2013 and since then little has been known about her life. It is speculated that he suffers from ataxia, but the information has not been confirmed. However, his former partner Charly López shared the alleged reason. ” He tired and we respect everyone’s decisions, … Read more

Jorge Salinas and his eldest daughter, Gabriella, star in an endearing reunion in Mexico

the relationship you have Jorge Salinas with his firstborn, Gabriellefrom 26 years old, it’s excellent; however, they have had to deal with the distance, since the young woman lives in the United States with her mother, the actress Adriana Catano, while his father resides in our country. Although they remain close through messages and video … Read more

Michel Brown and Natasha Klauss: This was their reunion in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’


Actors Michael Brown Y Natasha Klaus attended the program ‘Latino Now!’where in addition to having a fun time with the drivers Alix Asper Y andrea mezathey talked about how their reunion was for the second part of ‘Passion of Hawks’the story that has hooked the public in a story of love and intrigue, and that … Read more