Naya Rivera’s family reached a monetary settlement in the negligence lawsuit after her tragic death

The ex-husband of “Glee” star Ryan Dorsey filed the lawsuit on behalf of their son Josey in November 2020, arguing that the actress’s death was preventable. Naya Rivera’s family reached a monetary settlement in the lawsuit for culpable homicide which had been filed by the ex-husband of the “Glee” star, Ryan Dorsey, in November 2020 … Read more

Nicole Peña ended her courtship with Angélica Rivera’s nephew

Nicole confirmed that she ended her courtship with Angélica Rivera’s nephew, Alejandro Espinosa (Photo: Instagram/@nicolepp18) Nicole Penaone of the daughters of the former president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nietoconfirmed that the romance ended that he kept with Alexander Espinosanephew of his former stepmother, Angelica Rivera. Since May 2019, Nicole, the youngest of Peña Nieto’s children, … Read more

Lupillo Rivera’s tattoo artist offered to help Christian Nodal with his Belinda tattoos


Before beginning her relationship with Nodal, Belinda had an affair with Lupillo Rivera (Photo: File) Few days have passed since Christian Nodal announced in an Instagram statement that he has ended his romantic relationship with Belinda, with whom he stayed for about a year and a half. One of the aspects that have given a … Read more

Chiquis Rivera’s ex explodes against her for things she said in her book “Invincible”


Getty Images Mr. Tempo, ex of the singer, criticized Chiquis Rivera for her book Chiquis Rivera He launched his book “Invincible” with great fanfare, where he openly talks about different aspects of his life such as his family and sentimental relationships, and darts continue to emerge from different sides, from people upset with what is … Read more

They assure that Lorenzo Méndez says that Chiquis Rivera’s new and luxurious mansion is also his


The singer Lorenzo Mendez, 35 years old and who is part of The Original Band El Limón, gave something to talk about a few hours ago after an alleged publication he made on Instagram Stories, in which he would have assured that the new mansion of Chiquis Rivera it was his too. His comment came … Read more

Rosie Rivera’s husband Abel flees after accusations against him


They claim that Abel, husband of Rosie Rivera, stole money from Jenni Rivera’s inheritance Gossip No Like cameras caught it He is hiding? Abel husband Rosie Rivera. A couple of days ago, Chiquis Rivera shared a video on her Instagram account in which she confessed that she was fed up with them wanting to make … Read more

Jenni Rivera’s youngest daughter accuses her uncle Juan Rivera of allegedly threatening her


The 24-year-old took her Twitter account at dawn on Sunday, January 9, to make public the alleged threat he received by the youngest of his late mother’s siblings. Jenicka López accuses her uncle Juan Rivera of threatening her Chiquis said that Rosie was aware of this “robbery” and that “she was not honest” with the … Read more

This is the old house of Mayeli Alonso that Giselle, Lupillo Rivera’s wife, wants to sell


In recent hours the name of Mayeli alonso rang loud and clear again after Giselle Soto, the young wife of Lupillo rivera, published that she was already the new owner of the old home that he shared with ‘El Toro del Corrido’. It was through Instagram Stories that Giselle, who is a professional in the … Read more

Strange new details about the days leading up to Jenni Rivera’s death were revealed


Nine years have passed since Jenni Rivera’s death and theories continue to emerge about her terrible end (Photo: Francisco Rodríguez / Cuartoscuro) On December 9, the 9th anniversary of the death of Jenni Rivera and the events surrounding that tragic day continue to be full of theories that reappear year after year. However, this time … Read more

Jenni Rivera’s mourning anniversary: ​​what was the cause of her death


Jenni Rivera was an American singer and songwriter of Mexican origin who won the affection and respect of the public, who saw her shine every time she got on stage, where she delighted with her songs “La gran Señora” and “Paloma negra”, considered hymns . Although, fame and popularity smiled at him, from one moment … Read more