Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel

Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine) The rumors had started long before, when few knew about it and tried to keep it a secret until the protagonists feel comfortable talking about it publicly. And … Read more

Rodrigo Santoro’s advice to Pablo Motos when it comes to kissing: “Do it with love and with delicacy”

‘The Anthill’ The week has started with the interview of Paul Motorcycles to the actors Alvaro Morte Y Rodrigo Santorowho have spoken with the driver of the entertainment space of Atresmedia which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday from 2:45 a.m. on Antenna 3 of ‘Unlimited’the series that both star in and that will be … Read more

They are no longer hidden: Tini Stoessel’s effusive compliment to Rodrigo De Paul and the footballer’s response


Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul no longer hide their love on social media the romance between Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo DePaul advance by leaps and bounds. So much so that the protagonists provide more and more signals on social networks. In this sense, the last show of love came from the singer, who dedicated … Read more

Sebastián Yatra referred to the courtship of his ex, Tini Stoessel, with Rodrigo De Paul


Sebastián Yatra referred to the courtship of his ex, Tini Stoessel, with Rodrigo De Paul Sebastian Yatra arrived in Argentina at dawn on Monday to make a special Paramount + program with Susana Gimenezwho had been preparing for the match all Sunday, when he showed on his social networks how he prepared the interview. This … Read more

Tini Stoessel, Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs: romantic likes and movement in their social networks


Tini, Rodrigo de Paul and Camila Homs: romantic movements in social networks Rodrigo dePaul Y Tini Stoessel they are giving more and more public signs that they are in love and giving a relationship a run for its money. In recent weeks, a controversy was generated by determining how and when their courtship began, something … Read more

Camila Homs broke the silence and referred to the separation from Rodrigo De Paul: “I don’t know Tini Stoessel”


I don’t know Tini Stoessel Camila Homs returned to Buenos Aires after having spent a few days in Spain. The model made this trip so that her children, Francesca and BaptistThey will be reunited with their father Rodrigo dePaul, the Atlético Madrid and Argentine National Team player who rebuilt his love life with Tini Stoessel. … Read more

A close friend of Melchor Rodrigo pointed out Felipe Pettinato: “This was not an accident”


A close friend of Melchior Rodrigorenowned neurologist who He died as a result of a fire in the department of Philip Pettinatomade a heartbreaking analysis of what -in his own opinion- happened that Monday night. “This was not an accident”Alejando López said in television statements. “I imagine everything that we imagine. Like many of us … Read more

They no longer hide their love: Rodrigo De Paul’s emotional message to Tini Stoessel


Rodrigo dePaul and Tini Stoessel Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo dePaul They are living an intense romance. As both keep a low profile regarding their private lives, they were careful to expose themselves at first, but could not prevent it from being leaked to the media. photos of them in Ibiza, Spain. Apparently, now the couple … Read more

Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul face romance rumors: Camila Homs’s sharp message and the singer’s clarification


Rodrigo De Paul and Tini Stoessel, involved in romance rumors For several months now, rumors about a supposed romance between Tini Stoessel and the footballer Rodrigo DePaul They continue to resonate in the media. She has not made any relationship official since her breakup with Sebastian Yatra and he, for his part, had been going … Read more

Adolfo Aguilar on Rodrigo González: “Peluchín did not take me out of the ‘closet’ by force, he knew it years ago”


Adolfo Aguilar spoke about Rodrigo González live. (Photo: Instagram) This January 15, Adolfo Aguilar made a live with his followers, who did not hesitate to ask themselves countless questions after talking about his sexual orientation. As you remember, the actor and producer revealed that he was gay to a local media. Given this, many users … Read more