Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel

Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine) The rumors had started long before, when few knew about it and tried to keep it a secret until the protagonists feel comfortable talking about it publicly. And … Read more

Chris Evans aclara por fin los rumores de un posible romance con Shakira

A raz de la ruptura entre Shakira y Piqu por una supuesta infidelidad del futbolista del FC Barcelona, una infinidad de rumores comenzaron a sobrevolar sobre la expareja. Doce aos de relacin, dos hijos en comn y una separacin que sorprendi a todo el mundo. A partir de ese momento, a las redes sociales no … Read more

“Bitter Land”: Esra Dermancıoğlu’s romance with an actor 15 years her junior

Esra Dermancıoğlu She is a well-known Turkish actress not only for participating in important soap operas such as “Tierra amarga” or “Fatmagül”, but also for having fallen in love with an actor who was 15 years younger than her. Love enveloped the remembered Behice and despite the opinion of the people she continued to enjoy … Read more

Los siete momentos más impactantes del juicio de Johnny Depp contra Amber Heard: de la “búsqueda de cavidades” a un romance sorpresa


Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard En las próximas horas podría conocerse el veredicto final en el caso por difamación entre Johnny Depp contra su ex esposa, Amber Heard. Los siete miembros del jurado se encuentran en proceso de deliberación. El jurado escuchó los argumentos finales el viernes 28 de mayo y deliberó durante unas dos … Read more

The ironic message of Agustina Agazzani after Rusherking and China Suárez whitewashed their romance


The model posted a video on Tik Tok that her followers interpreted as a hint to the 22-year-old ragpicker, with whom she was romantically linked Since rushing formalized his courtship with Eugenia The China Suarez and told details of his love story with the ex Almost angels, the repercussions continue to be the order of … Read more

L-Gante’s reaction to the romance between La China Suárez and Rusherking: “What madness!”


“You have to do it right, but behave badly,” said the singer L-Ghent enjoyed a vacation in Spain in the company of his wife, Tamara Baez And your daughter, Jamaica. This Tuesday, the singer returned to Buenos Aires to resume his work commitments and at the Ezeiza airport he conducted an interview with show partnersthe … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña’s reaction when asked about Rusheking, China Suárez’s new romance


Vicuña’s reaction after being asked about Rusherking (LAM, America) After a period of calm, the relationship between Eugenia La China Suarez and Benjamín Vicuña had some sparks again. The actors they met in 2015 when they both made the film the red thread Y separated in August of last year, when the Chilean He communicated … Read more

Eduardo Rodríguez denies romance with Ivonne Montero


Mezcaliente Eduardo Rodríguez denies romance with Ivonne Montero The Mexican actor Edward Rodriguez, revealed that he did not have any kind of romance with the actress, Yvonne Monteroafter she commented that she had a six-year relationship with the actor without formalizing their romance, but what did the Mexican heartthrob say? More and more the alarms … Read more

Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, reacts to rumors of romance with the actor

Camille Vasquezthe lawyer of Johnny Depphas taken center stage in recent days during the trial for defamation that he faces with Amber Heard. The questions of the lawyer in the interrogation have put in trouble the team of lawyers that defends the actress. However, her notoriety has gone beyond the walls of the courtroom by … Read more

Goodbye Nodal, does Belinda have a new love? Romance from Spain

Would Belinda premiere romance? uncover their orientations | Instagram Belinda would have aroused a strong controversy in recent days after in the midst of the strong controversy with Christian Nodal, the “originally from Madrid“, would supposedly debut a new love. Since his stay in Spain, the singer Belinda He has hinted that he has decided … Read more