Rosie Rivera’s husband Abel flees after accusations against him

They claim that Abel, husband of Rosie Rivera, stole money from Jenni Rivera’s inheritance Gossip No Like cameras caught it He is hiding? Abel husband Rosie Rivera. A couple of days ago, Chiquis Rivera shared a video on her Instagram account in which she confessed that she was fed up with them wanting to make … Read more

Rosie Rivera describes her toxic loyalty to her family

Getty Images Rosie rivera She is sorry for putting her family before her marriage. This was revealed in a video uploaded to her Instagram account, where she explained that the loyalty she had towards her brothers and family was so great that she put them first, even before herself. “I believed that my family would … Read more

Rosie Rivera burst into tears when talking about the audit that her nephews initiated against her


Rosie, Jenni Rivera’s sister, broke down in tears when talking about the audit that her nephews began towards her (Photo: Instagram / @rosierivera) The Rivera family continues to be immersed in the controversy that began when Rosie rivera announced that he would be leaving his post as executor and head of the company Jenni Rivera … Read more

Rosie Rivera misses her sister Jenni Rivera


Mezcalent This year the Rivera family The ninth anniversary of the death of the artist will live in a different way, due to all the conflicts that have ended up disuniting several of its members. To begin, Chiquis Rivera, the singer’s eldest daughter, revealed that she distanced herself from her maternal grandmother Doña Rosa, due … Read more

With tears, Rosie Rivera announces that she is moving away from her family: “I don’t want to be in a toxic environment”


The Rivera dynasty it has been in the eye of the hurricane for years with its lawsuits and controversies. After the death of the singer Jenni Rivera, the family was never the same again and Apparently for years things have not been good between them, this was announced by Rosie Rivera. On his YouTube channel … Read more

Jenni Rivera sister Rosie Rivera will do liposuction


Jenni Rivera’s sister shares unexpected news Rosie Rivera confesses that she will do another liposuction “It is good that you do what you want with your body, but everything has a limit”, express users Necessary? In a controversial video that is available to everyone on his channel Youtube, the businesswoman Rosie Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s sister … Read more

Juan Rivera affirms that Rosie has already delivered the results of the audit to his nephew Johnny López

On May 31 it transpired that Johnny López supported by his sister Chiquis, asked his aunt Rosie Rivera for a audit to Jenni Rivera Enterprises, which marked a new family conflict due to the difference of opinions. Almost five months later, Juan Rivera affirmed that the document was delivered to the lawyers of his nephews … Read more