Video: Daughter of Carmen Salinas shows what her house looks like four months after her death

Contrary to what usually happens with several celebrities, where their relatives share the assets after their death, in the case of Carmen Salinas It has not been like that, because famous house in mexico city remains intact four months after his unfortunate departure. The property, located in the Verónica Anzures neighborhood and which has belonged … Read more

They remember Carmen Salinas in the tribute In Memoriam of the Oscars 2022

Yes OK, Carmelita Salinas She was an actress who consolidated a large part of her acting career in Mexico, the truth is that the actress had several opportunities to work in Hollywood, one of her most memorable jobs being in the movie Men on firee, in which he had the opportunity to share credits next … Read more

This is the truth behind Jorge Salinas and his unrecognized daughter

The truth is that the unacknowledged daughter from Jorge Salinas It is not a minor issue in the actor’s life, which has several unresolved unknowns for years. It was precisely his new partner Elizabeth Álvarez, who spoke and told what the whole truth is. The famous unacknowledged daughter from Jorge Salinas It was the product … Read more

Jorge Salinas and his eldest daughter, Gabriella, star in an endearing reunion in Mexico

the relationship you have Jorge Salinas with his firstborn, Gabriellefrom 26 years old, it’s excellent; however, they have had to deal with the distance, since the young woman lives in the United States with her mother, the actress Adriana Catano, while his father resides in our country. Although they remain close through messages and video … Read more

Carmen Salinas: why the Mexican actress’s will has not yet been read


What happened to the will of Carmen Salinas placeholder image? The Mexican actress passed away at the age of 82 on December 9, after suffering a brain hemorrhage that left her in a coma. His departure left a deep pain not only in Mexico, but also internationally, since his work crossed borders in the region. … Read more

They deposited the ashes of Carmen Salinas with those of her son Pedro Plascencia


The only son of Carmelita Salinas died of cancer Photo: Instagram @ carmensalinas_56 It was on December 9 when, after several weeks in a natural coma, Carmen Salinas placeholder image lost his life causing commotion in the middle of the show and among the public, who mourned the death of one of the greatest figures … Read more

Cepillín and Carmen Salinas: the famous reconciled before they died


Carmen Salinas promoted Cepillín’s career (Photo: Cuartoscuro) Nine months after the death of Brush, your son Cepi, Ricardo González Jr. assured that the famous TV clown continues to be present. This is how the clown made it known for the program First hand. “I was used to having ghosts in the city of Monterrey, my … Read more

The day that Carmen Salinas recorded “When the sun warms up”, 20 years before Luis Miguel


The day that Carmen Salinas recorded “When the sun warms up”, 20 years before Luis Miguel (Photo: Instagram / @ carmensalinas_56) Carmen Salinas was nationally and internationally recognized for her work as an actress, as it was part of the very important time of the ficheras cinema, but little is said about her performance as … Read more

Juan Osorio confirmed the new season of the play “Aventurera” in tribute to Carmen Salinas


The television producer confirmed that he will make a new season of “Aventurera (Photos: Instagram@juanosorio.oficial // Las Estrellas) Juan Osorio confirmed plans to reassemble the work Adventuress next year. The staging was one of the greatest successes of Carmen Salinas placeholder image and the producer will seek to pay tribute to him with a short … Read more

Carmen Salinas: who are the children of the Mexican actress?


Getty Images / Instagram @ carmensalinas_56 Carmen Salinas (Left) Carmen Salinas and her children María Eugenia and Pedro Plascencia (Right) In these moments when all Mexico regrets the departure of the famous actress Carmen Salinas placeholder image, many aspects of his professional and family life are the subject of evocation in the media. Salinas passed … Read more