Héctor Sandarti presents the biological father of his daughter

Mezcaliente Sandarti and his facet as a father The entertainer Hector Sandarti introduced the biological father to his daughter. The Guatemalan presenter has always been characterized as a charismatic and professional man, but this time he posted a photograph with his family. The animator of the next season of “The House of the Famous” He … Read more

Sandarti presents father daughter: He is the real dad

Héctor Sandarti introduces the father of his daughter for the first time. It paralyzes social networks by showing what their relationship is like. Followers applaud Sandarti’s noble gesture. Sandarti introduces daughter father. In a clear demonstration of love without condition towards his wife Paulina Segura, the charismatic television presenter and who was the host of … Read more

Héctor Sandarti talks about his suicide attempt


Getty Héctor Sandarti and the strongest stage of his life The host of La Casa de Los Famosos, Héctor Sandarti, was honest and commented that he had a complicated childhood and adolescence marked by shyness. In turn, The possibility of taking his own life flashed through his mind. Sandarti in a Youtube interview with Yordi … Read more

Héctor Sandarti thought about taking his own life: “I wanted to be everyone except me”


Héctor Sandarti confessed that at some point he thought of taking his own life Hector Sandarti who is known for being one of the most popular television faces in Mexico, shared on February 20 with Yordi Rosado on his talk show Youtube some complex passages of his life such as the occasion in which thought … Read more

“The house of the famous”: the secret to winning the reality show, according to Héctor Sandarti


How to win “The home of the famous“? Héctor Sandarti, host of the reality show, was encouraged and said that there is a way, a secret to be able to take the 200 thousand dollars of the television program that is about to end. Alicia Machado, Kelvin Renteria and Pablo Montero are the first three … Read more