Spies, lovers and suicides: the biggest scandal of Philip of Edinburgh’s life (which could have cost Queen Elizabeth II the throne)

Rumors of the Duke of Edinburgh’s alleged escapes from Buckingham began in the late 1950s. Prince Charles and Princess Anne were already born –in 1948 and 1950, respectively–, but Prince Andrew, who would do so in 1960, and the prince edwardborn 1964. Prince Philip was a strong supporter of his wife, but, it was said, … Read more

They question their sexuality: Sebastián Caicedo responds in the midst of the scandal over his alleged divorce

The actor Sebastián Caicedo with his wife, Carmen Villalobos. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images The actor Sebastian Caicedo is getting involved in negative comments because now they are questioning their sexuality. In the midst of all the scandal he is going through with his wife, carmen villalobosDue to an apparent love break, now the Colombian is … Read more

Prior to the scandal with Piqué, Shakira suffered an anxiety crisis and required an ambulance

The photographs shared by the Spanish magazine showed images when Shakira and Piqué experienced a moment of tension. Photo: Instagram/@pique After a chaotic week after the rumors that they point out a separation for an alleged infidelity by the soccer player of Futbol Club Barcelona (FCB), Pique to the renowned performer, Shakira, a renowned Spanish … Read more

Carolina Baldini and a bath boy nicknamed He-Man: 14 years after the scandal that caused the separation of Cholo Simeone


Caroline Baldini “I am still faithful to Cholo, despite what is happening to us, which is not a little“, He said Caroline Baldini in August 2008 about his relationship with Diego Simeon, the father of her three children. In the summer of that year, photos of him had appeared in San Bernardo, very close to … Read more

From humble childhood in Santiago del Estero to kisses with China Suárez and the scandal with María Becerra: who is Rusherking


At only 21 years old, Rusherking already garners millions of views on different platforms Although he is one of the best-known artists on the urban scene, the name of rushing began to sound strongly in the media last year, due to his relationship with Mary Becerra, one of the country’s fastest growing pop singers. And … Read more

Ángela Aguilar forgets scandal with Gussy Lau and shares PHOTOS with her great LOVE


After the controversy photo leak who revealed her romantic relationship with the composer Gussy Lauit seems that Angela Aguilar little by little he has forgotten the scandal to continue with his life and his projects. The singer, who until a few days ago was traveling with her family in Paris, has shared photos with her … Read more

From the video scandal to justice: Kim Kardashian asks for help for a Mexican sentenced to death


The socialite has become a fighter for social causes (Photos: Instagram/@kimkardashian/ Twitter/@thekardashnms) Surname kardashian it has become synonymous with glamour, wealth, girl power and fame. But none of that empire would be possible without the participation of kim within the family nucleus made up mostly of women, because despite the fact that they were always … Read more

Ángela Aguilar flees the scandal and takes refuge in Paris with the love of her life


Ángela Aguilar flees the scandal and takes refuge in Paris with the love of her life. | Special Ángela Aguilar flees the scandal and takes refuge in Paris with the love of her life. Although the “mexican in love” confirmed that she was very affected by what caused the circulation of some compromising photos next … Read more

He blamed the devil: Denzel Washington and his controversial version of the scandal starring Will Smith at the Oscars


The final award ceremony Oscar awards seemed doomed to oblivion. However, in the final minutes Will Smith shook the drowsiness of the viewers and the face of Chris Rock with a powerful slap on stage. The scene, which perplexed everyone present at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and the millions of viewers who followed … Read more

Scandal at the Oscars: why Will Smith’s call to the president of the Academy caused an internal crisis


Will Smith with his Oscar. (Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images) Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock at the Oscars of last Sunday continues to generate seismic waves within the film industry. On Thursday it was revealed that the aggressor of the comedian and winner of the Oscar for best actor spoke by … Read more