Gonzalo de Borbón, the cousin of King Juan Carlos who reigned in the pink press of the 80s: surprise weddings, a secret daughter and many scandals

As if of the Grimaldi concerned it seems that the Bourbons are also destined for sad and tragic childhoods and that of Gonzalo de Bourbonbrother of Alfonso Duke of Cadizcousin of King Juan Carlos and son of infant Don Jaime, could not be less. If the circumstances had been different Gonzalo from Bourbon instead of … Read more

The most difficult moments of the marriage of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia: unshared friends, family estrangement, scandals and disagreements in public

Today, May 22, is the 18 years since the wedding of Don Felipe Y Letizia. Years in which they have formed a family, become kings and have had to face complicated family situations: the Noós case and the many financial scandals of King Juan Carlos and his extramarital affairs. Despite the tensions to which they … Read more

The three scandals that shake Johnny Depp’s career

What scandals could bury Johnny Depp’s career (Photo: EFE/EPA/ERIC GAILLARD/File) Johnny Depp has had an extensive acting career, however, this rise to fame has also been accompanied by great controversies that could jeopardize his permanence as one of the most important artists in the Hollywood industry. And it is that the protagonist of films like … Read more

The turbulent life of John Travolta: deaths, scandals, blackmail and eccentricities


The life of John Travolta (68) is a real roller coaster of emotions from which the actor has not been able to get off in the last five decades. Hit hard by the vicissitudes of fate and cornered by some controversial episodes, the actor with Italian and Irish roots has been subscribed in one way … Read more

Belinda, the diva who lives among extravagant luxuries, scandals and romances that end badly


The networks burn with the unleashed fury of Belinda’s fans, who have gone to Christian Nodal’s jugular after the couple’s sudden thunder (well, not so much, if the river sounds, stones carry, and rumors abounded ago months), effectively signaling the end point of their much-vaunted marriage engagement in 2021. However, this is a repeating pattern: … Read more

The infanta Cristina and Urdangarin, a story of scandals, exile and infidelity


The Infanta Cristina de Borbón and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarin The Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin have decided “by mutual agreement, to interrupt their marriage relationship” after the link between the former Duke of Palma and another woman became known, according to both in a statement sent to EFE. “By mutual agreement, we have decided … Read more

The most serious K-Pop scandals of 2021: from group separations to allegations of abuse


In K-Pop there was a stir thanks to the controversies that were revealed month after month in 2021, the accusations ranged from bullying to sexual abuse (Photos: Instagram @mina_aoa / @seungriseyo / @ hyunjinoffcial / @only_seoyeji / @ magiicshoop412 / @ kriswu) Throughout this year within the world of K-pop Many idols were involved in … Read more

The 10 most shocking scandals of 2021 of the famous


Choosing the 10 most shocking scandals was not easy, because in 2021 celebrities surprised us. Accusations of sexual abuse, separations, infidelity, illnesses, reconciliations, fugitives from the law and more. Then those who left us with our mouths open, without blinking and surpassed any movie or soap opera story. ALEJANDRA GUZMÁN AND FRIDA SOFÍA: FROM RECONCILATION … Read more

Insults, scandals and erratic behavior: the stars who fell on the “Hollywood Black List”


Photos: Archive In the world of Hollywood many actors and actresses find themselves in a so-called “Blacklist”. Many times, a single comment, a specific role, a negative or rude attitude or third parties, affects the career of an actor or driver forever, while other times it only truncates it for a few years. Despite having … Read more

Drugs, racism and excesses: the scandals of Tom Hanks’ ‘rebellious son’


The couple made up of the actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson has managed to keep a low profile in Hollywood and is known to be one of the most stable marriages in the business. In fact, unlike other unions on the movie scene, Hanks and Wilson’s life takes place far from scandals. However, there … Read more