The reason why they questioned Sebastián Caicedo’s sexual orientation

Though Sebastian Caicedo He usually becomes news for his impeccable work, the actor also gives a lot to talk about his private life. For a long time, is in a couple with another well-known star of the artistic world: carmen villalobos. Both decided to go one step further in their relationship and for this reason … Read more

They question their sexuality: Sebastián Caicedo responds in the midst of the scandal over his alleged divorce

The actor Sebastián Caicedo with his wife, Carmen Villalobos. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images The actor Sebastian Caicedo is getting involved in negative comments because now they are questioning their sexuality. In the midst of all the scandal he is going through with his wife, carmen villalobosDue to an apparent love break, now the Colombian is … Read more

Rumors about the actor Sebastián Caicedo after his alleged separation from Carmen Villalobos

The couple crises is a theme that has resonated in recent times for various public figures who are part of the Colombian show business, such as the actors Sebastián Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos. During the last days, Speculation surrounding a possible separation between the celebrities has been reported by various entertainment portals. It is worth … Read more

Message from Carmen Villalobos to Sebastián Caicedo sharpens rumors of rupture

Since the beginning of the year it has been rumored that Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo are no longer together. At first, the actress from ‘Café’ explained that they were separated because of the coronavirus, since they were infected at different times, so they had to isolate themselves. However, as the days went by, the … Read more

Sebastián Caicedo “made the decision” and would have asked for a divorce from Carmen Villalobos

Speculations about the alleged separation between Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo have increased in recent days due to the notorious estrangement that the couple has had, mainly because of the different projects in which each one is working. Equally, the gossip show host I know everything, Ariel Osorio, assured last week that the couple signed … Read more

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo: videos are known that reinforce the rumor of their breakup

The rumors in the media and social networks about the separation of the actors Sebastián Caicedo and Carmen Villalobos are getting stronger; however, the same protagonists of this fact have denied it on different occasions. Currently, both have stated that they are separated for work reasons, since Villalobos is working in Colombia and her husband … Read more

The response of Carmen Villalobos to the personal reflection of her husband Sebastián Caicedo

Sebastian Caicedo, who has starred in telenovelas such as “El Tesoro”, shared a photo on May 28 that he accompanied with a text in which he reflected on his personal growth. Given this, carmen villalobosstar of “Till money do us part” and wife of the actor, could not help but comment. MORE INFORMATION: In addition … Read more

Sebastián Yatra says that Camilo and Rauw Alejandro are not in love with their partners


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Sebastián Yatra referred to the courtship of his ex, Tini Stoessel, with Rodrigo De Paul


Sebastián Yatra referred to the courtship of his ex, Tini Stoessel, with Rodrigo De Paul Sebastian Yatra arrived in Argentina at dawn on Monday to make a special Paramount + program with Susana Gimenezwho had been preparing for the match all Sunday, when he showed on his social networks how he prepared the interview. This … Read more

Why is Carmen Villalobos no longer seen with her husband Sebastián Caicedo


For many years Carmen Villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo They have been one of the most solid and famous couples in the artistic environment in Colombia. The romance united them for 13 years and everything was going very well in the relationship of the artists; But in recent weeks, thousands of fans have been alarmed because … Read more