“Because there is not, nor will there be another Gerard Piqué”: Shakira’s blind love for the player led her to try to get back with him twice | People | Entertainment

the life of the singer Shakira It seemed from the outside to be the perfect one. A 12-year relationship, two beautiful children and a successful career, drew a happy home. But, not everything they let see was reality and the rumors confirmed that love is over and Gerard Piqué put distance between the two. Knowing … Read more

Shakira’s divorce: Gerard Piqué’s ex also talks about him

Everything seems to indicate that more secrets of the private life of Gerard Piqué will be known. The Barcelona player has been very bad because of his infidelities and his attitude with the women around him, causing the breakup of his marriage with Shakira. The actress and businesswoman Nuria Tomás, in the midst of that … Read more

What happened to Antonio De la Rúa, Shakira’s ex before Gerard Piqué?

In recent days, the separation of Shakira with his partner of almost 12 years, Gerard Piqué, has been one of the most commented topics by the media and users of various social networks. Thus, the breakup of one of the most stable relationships in international entertainment has impacted hundreds of people around the world. In … Read more

The Piqué effect in Shakira’s career


Who benefited who in the public relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué? Would the singer’s career have been the same without her relationship with the Barça footballer? Undoubtedly, the fact of being a couple has been something beneficial for the image of both celebrities, but the temptation to analyze with a monocle the considerations that … Read more

Pique Waters; Henry Cavill falls for Shakira’s charms and gets nervous

Pique Waters; Henry Cavill falls for Shakira’s charms and gets nervous. | PHOTO: AP Although it is no secret to anyone that Shakira She is one of the most beautiful and beleaguered celebrities in the world, not only because of her talent and impeccable artistic career, but also, obviously, because of her incredible beauty, which … Read more

They capture the sensual movement of Shakira’s hips and everything from behind


Shahkira andShe is very famous for the movement of her hips. He even made a song alluding to them: “My hips don’t lie”. And if there are now those who are talking about the singer’s “hips”, it is thanks to her beloved Gerard Piqué, although perhaps it is better to say that it is thanks … Read more

Do you want to have Shakira’s body? Her trainer shares the KEYS to her impact figure


Shakira, one of the most recognized Colombian artists worldwide, is also a businesswoman and mother who has an enviable figure at 45 years old. On several occasions, the barranquillera has revealed how she does to have toned and round buttocks. However, luckily for everyone, this time his personal trainer revealed in an interview with the … Read more

Shakira’s affectionate message to Princess Charlotte after learning that she is a fan of ‘Waka Waka’

Close, fun and also very committed. These are the facets of himself that Prince William has reflected in his last interview in the podcast Time to walk Apple, a space in which He has spoken of mental health, but also of the anecdotes of his life and his family. Recalling his childhood, he explained that … Read more

Shakira’s surprise tweet about Antonio De la Rúa that caused repudiation in the networks


Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, when they were together More than ten years have passed since Shakira and Antonio De la Rua They decided to put an end to their relationship. And despite the fact that each one rebuilt their lives, in the last hours everything rebounded thanks to a surprise tweet from the … Read more