China Suárez shared a photo with Amancio and surprised with their resemblance: “Mini Chinese”

The former Casi Ángeles showed her resemblance to her son Amancio Eugenia The China Suarez She shared a few postcards with her three children over the extra large weekend, and one in particular caught the attention of her Instagram followers. Users remarked the incredible physical resemblance to the youngest of the family, Amancio, who will … Read more

Ricardo Montaner and Marcelo Tinelli shared an intimate family barbecue: “Wonderful Sunday afternoon”

The Tinelli and Montaner families enjoyed a barbecue at Nordelta This Sunday, Ricardo Montaner Y Marcelo Tinelli They joined their families and decided to share an intimate barbecue in the house that the singer has in Nordelta. Far from any television “rivalry” – last year they competed hand in hand each with their program, The … Read more

William Levy, Elizabeth Gutiérrez and the sad messages they shared four months after their separation


William Levy He announced the end of his relationship with Elizabeth Gutiérrez last February and since then they have not been seen together again. The celebrities put an end to their love story amid rumors of infidelity by the Cuban actor, who triumphed with the Colombian telenovela “Café con aroma de mujer”, one of the … Read more

Amid rumors of romance, Débora Bello shared the first photo with Nico Riera


Surrounded by romance rumors, Débora Bello and Nicolás Riera had a virtual coincidence In December Diego Torres confirmed their separation from Deborah Bello, after 17 years together and together they are parents of Nina. Although they keep a low profile since the breakup, both begin to give virtual clues about a new stage in love. … Read more

Talina Fernández is finally seen with her boyfriend: the photo was shared by her granddaughter María Levy


Talina Fernandez appeared very in love in a photograph that his granddaughter, María Levy, shared on social networks. This would be the first time that the driver is seen with her boyfriend José Manuel Fernández, 80 years oldwith whom he has had a romantic relationship for four months. Through her Instagram stories, the eldest daughter … Read more

Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton shared an outing, Hilary Duff walked with her baby: celebrities in a click


In addition, Heidi Klum wore a patterned look and Anitta attended a fashion event in West Hollywood. Bella Hadid was photographed walking the streets of the East Village in New York. She wore a printed skirt, a basic white muscle shirt and a brown jacket. She wore long black stockings, leather boots that she combined … Read more

Tini turns 25 and shared a photo with her father, who remains hospitalized


After having suspended his shows at the Hippodrome of Palermo, on his birthday Martina Tiny stoessel She shared a photo on social networks in which she is seen with her father, Alejandro, who has been admitted to the Trinidad Sanatorium for a few days due to a worsening health problem. The singer received her 25 … Read more

Adela Micha and Javier Ceriani shared a passionate kiss on the lips


Adela Micha and Javier Ceriani had a passionate kiss at the TV Azteca facilities Since he began his transmissions through the signal of Aztec TVthe program gossip not like has caused controversysince it is known that its drivers, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristainhave launched harsh accusations against some figures of said television station. In addition … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña shared a photo for the first time with his girlfriend, Eli Sulichin


Eli Sulichin and Benjamín Vicuña in Punta del Este At the end of January, a photo taken red-handed by the cameras of Teleshow confirmed the romance between Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichin. From that moment, the brand new couple was no longer hidden, but neither was it shown too much. The Chilean actor shared a … Read more

William Levy shared a strong message on his social networks: “In this life everything is paid”


William Levy responds to certain negative comments on social networks. Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images William Levy shared a forceful message in the stories of his Instagram account when has Almost a month has passed since announced the end of the relationship he had with Elizabeth Gutiérrez in a publication that he deleted shortly after. The … Read more