Shock in Royalty: After returning with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry gives shocking news

The Hague, Netherlands.- The Royalty recently, it was again in complete shockbecause after meet again with the Queen isabel IIafter two years away, the prince harry gave one shocking newsdoes it come back to London with Meghan Markle and his family? Related news Click here and discover more information about Puro Show on our Google … Read more

‘Secrets of Playboy’ Reveals Hugh Hefner’s Cruelty in Shocking Detail

In the seventh episode of Secrets of Playboy, a new documentary series about the founder of PlayboyHugh Hefner, Miki Garcia, a former playmate and former head of promotions for the brand, recalls an unidentified woman who thought she would “bridge the gap [dentro de Playboy] in the modeling industry. “He turned cocaine addictGarcia says. She … Read more

Carefully premeditated: the details of Rihanna’s shocking pregnancy announcement


The images of the news of Rihanna’s pregnancy that revolutionized the Internet (Instagram) The art form known as “celebrity pregnancy photo shoot” has a new winning entry. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announced that she is expecting her first baby with the release of a series of street photos of Miles Diggs, alias diggzy, alias, the … Read more

Like a true Queen! The shocking images of the Duchess of Cambridge for her 40th birthday

The Duchess of Cambridge more regal than ever. Kate middleton turns 40 this sunday and as usual, he has shared new photos. But this time the images chosen to commemorate the anniversary are far from the ones we are used to seeing, especially the first one. CIn a flowing dress with long hair blowing in … Read more

The 10 most shocking scandals of 2021 of the famous


Choosing the 10 most shocking scandals was not easy, because in 2021 celebrities surprised us. Accusations of sexual abuse, separations, infidelity, illnesses, reconciliations, fugitives from the law and more. Then those who left us with our mouths open, without blinking and surpassed any movie or soap opera story. ALEJANDRA GUZMÁN AND FRIDA SOFÍA: FROM RECONCILATION … Read more

‘I have two months left’: The shocking message of an actress with a terminal illness – El Comercio


“It’s the last video I’m going to make”, said Isabel Torres placeholder image to his more than 114,000 followers on the social network Instagram. The spanish actress She was distressed and with difficulty speaking, because of the news she had received: the lung cancer that affected her since 2018 had metastasized to her bones. towers, … Read more

Will Smith’s shocking confession in his autobiography: Who did he want to kill?


Getty Images Actor Will Smith says he thought about killing his father. The prestigious actor Will Smith he confessed in the pages of his autobiography that he thought about killing his father. The book, titled “Will”, delves into the difficult childhood of the Philadelphia-born actor. In his first years of life he observed how his … Read more

Doña Letizia rescues the shocking dress with the mesh neckline that fascinated Penélope Cruz

The Kings have presided tonight the ceremony of delivery of the XXXVI edition of Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award, which in 2021 has fallen to the American historian and writer Anne Applebaum. A few days after having delivered the title of Exemplary Town in Asturias by the hand of Don Felipe and his daughters, Queen Letizia … Read more

Top 10 Celebrities Who Perished In Shocking Car Accidents


Car accidents can happen to anyone. Photo: Steve Buissinne / Pixabay Car accidents happen on a daily basis, some not serious like others. Driving always alert, without distractions and respecting traffic laws helps reduce the chances of accidents. However, these can be caused by other distracted and irresponsible drivers and can happen to anyone, even … Read more