Elegance and success define “La Chule” in captivating photo shoot

Aracely Arámbula with white ruffles and flowers makes them fall in love | Instagram Aracely Arambula showed off her curvaceous silhouette in a set with white ruffles and a garland of flowers that surrounded her silhouette, at 46 years old, “La Chule” is one of the most beautiful figures in the show. The actress Aracely … Read more

The anguish of China Suárez: “I’m not going to shoot myself or jump off a building”

La China Suárez (Instagram) She had an affair, or almost, with a married man. And they went out to stone her, as if all were free from sin. As if no one had ever been the protagonist or witness of a similar situation. At first, Eugenia The China Suarez He tried to keep quiet. Later, … Read more

What Happened to Jackie Chan: The Martial Arts Star Who Nearly Drowned While On Shoot

Chan Kong-sang, better known as Jackie Chan, he has not had an easy life. His parents tried to sell him to the doctor who attended to them in the delivery because they did not have sufficient resources to support him. His childhood was also very poor in Hong Kong, but his arrival at the Peking … Read more

How was the accident in which actor Brandon Lee died during a shoot almost 3 decades ago – BBC News World

Drafting BBC News World October 23, 2021, 08:06 GMT Image source, Getty Images Caption, Brandon Lee was 28 when he passed away on a recording set. The day Brandon Lee died, fiction turned into tragedy. It was March 30, 1993 and the young American actor, specialist like his father, Bruce Lee, in action films and … Read more