Ignacio López Tarso thinks about the controversial return of Silvia Pinal to the theater: “He was wrong”

Ignacio Lopez Tarso opined on Silvia Pinal’s return to the stage and mentioned that, despite understanding the desire of ‘La Diva del Cine Mexicano’ not to retire from acting, it did not seem to him that it was in the play ‘Little Red Hood, What’s up with your grandmother!’ In addition, she took the opportunity … Read more

Silvia Pinal will no longer return to the theater so as not to “bother” anyone with her performance

“My mom doesn’t come back anymore, not to work or anything”said the interpreter’s only son, 91, in an interview for the “Venga la alegría” program on May 19. The businessman argued that the family decided that the “Diva del Cine de Oro in Mexico” should stop, mainly for his physical well-being. “Not at the moment … Read more

Silvia Pinal’s doctor revealed what happened to her state of health

The name of Silvia Pinal It never stops being on everyone’s lips. Since the actress reappeared on social networks starring in new images, she began a controversy both on the internet and on the small screen. According to several users and fans of the figure, the interpreter appears with a downcast face in the latest … Read more

Sylvia Pasquel details how Silvia Pinal’s health is after an incident in a play

The alarms about Silvia Pinal’s health turned on again after the night of this Wednesday, May 11, was forced to cancel her performance in the play ‘Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your grandmother!’. ‘La Diva del Cine de Oro Mexicano’ was already in the theater to offer a performance to special guests and … Read more

Silvia Pinal gets serious in the theater before performing in a wheelchair

Silvia Pinal gets serious in the theater before performing in a wheelchair | Special: Instagram Minutes before taking the stage in a wheelchair, the legendary Mexican actress, Silvia Pinal, suffered a low blood pressure picture that prevented her from participating in the second performance of the play “Little Red Riding Hood! What’s up with your … Read more

Silvia Navarro enjoys Versailles in the company of her ‘king’, her son León

No matter where in the world you are, Silvia Navarro always is accompanied by her son Leon with whom you are enjoying some well deserved vacation in France. After an unforgettable adventure they lived mother and son in icelanda destination they visited in the company of a group of friends of which they were also … Read more

Sylvia Pasquel confessed what she would do with the inheritance that Silvia Pinal left her

Pasquel spoke about his mother in divine nets (Photos: Instagram@sylviapasqueloficial // EFE) After what Silvia Pinal tested positive for COVID-19, his followers were concerned about the health of the 90-year-old actress. However, the artist recovered satisfactorily and during this process she had the family support and loved ones. It was after this situation that Sylvia … Read more

What happened to the girl who made Silvia Pinal suffer in “María Isabel”

Lucy Buj and Silvia Pinal starred in “María Isabel”, the film that boosted the career of the actress, whose fate is unknown today (Photo: Facebook/Silvia Pinal) Silvia Pinal more than 50 years ago he starred Maria Isabelone of the most moving films thanks to the participation of the character of Rosa Iselaa girl who he … Read more

“How little”: Sylvia Pasquel’s reaction to Adela Micha’s cruel comment about Silvia Pinal


Sylvia Pasquel referred to Adela Micha and her controversy (Photos: Instagram/@sylviapasqueloficial/@adelamicha) It was a month ago when Silvia Pinal’s health set off alarms and caused concern among the public, because after being admitted to the hospital for heart conditions, in the hospital center she was diagnosed with COVID-19. Although with moderate symptoms and in the … Read more