You have no idea who Olivia Rodrigo is, the most listened to singer in the world

1638649052 You have no idea who Olivia Rodrigo is the most

In January 2021, ‘drivers license’ beat the record for daily views of a song in the history of Spotify. Its author, Olivia Rodrigo, is 18 years old. He released a first album (‘Sour’) five months later and it became, once again, the most listened to debut on the platform. Therefore, many have not been surprised … Read more

Lady Gaga: This is the incredible mansion that Mick Jagger’s daughter bought the singer

Lady Gaga This is the incredible mansion that Mick Jaggers

Lady Gaga sold his fabulous Hollywood Hills mansion for $ 6.5 million to Elizabeth “Lizzy” Jagger, daughter of Mick jagger, a property formerly owned by composer Frank Zappa, and according to the reports, the sale was made as part of a quiet agreement and outside the real-estate market. This incredible, and peculiar, residence was acquired … Read more

José Luis Rodriguez’s eldest daughter ‘El Puma’ lost 19 KILOS, shows extreme change and destroys the singer on IG

Jose Luis Rodriguezs eldest daughter El Puma lost 19 KILOS

Since the beginning of his artistic career in 1960, José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” has placed himself in the eye of the hurricane with some scandals, which have overshadowed his talent. Friends, family lawsuits and even ties with drug trafficking are some of the problems that have starred in the last years of his life. … Read more

Who are Jennifer Lopez’s sisters: one is an opera singer and the other a journalist

1637659724 Who are Jennifer Lopezs sisters one is an opera singer

JLo with her sisters Leslie and Lynda in 2005. (Photo by KMazur / WireImage) Jennifer Lopez does not need presentations: singer and actress and businesswoman, she knows how to shine with her own light both on stage and on a red carpet. However, when the lights go out, and you return to the warmth of … Read more

Diana Golden’s nephew was kidnapped in Guatemala: he’s a singer and he’s 20 years old

Diana Goldens nephew was kidnapped in Guatemala hes a singer

On November 12 singer Zoel Cruz was kidnapped after finishing a presentation at the Bosque Real restaurant located in the department of Zacapa, Guatemala. The 20-year-old artist is nephew of the Colombian actress Diana Golden. According to information from the family, Zoel and a friend were taken by four armed men and since then they … Read more

Chris Daughtry’s daughter died: the singer revealed the tragic event in an emotional message

Chris Daughtrys daughter died the singer revealed the tragic event

During the fifth season of American Idol in 2006, Chris Daughtry shocked audiences with his voice. Despite not winning the reality show, he came in fourth place, Chris is one of the best-known contestants on the show and currently has his own Daughtry band, with which he was on his seventh tour when the tragedy … Read more

Christian Nodal’s mother defended the singer from criticism for his appearance

Christian Nodals mother defended the singer from criticism for his

Cristy spoke about what he thinks about the tattoos of his son Christian Nodal and defended Belinda from negative comments (Photo: Instagram @cristy_nodal) The changes that Christian nodal has had in their appearance have not been liked by everyone, so the negative comments they came to their mother, Cristy, who has decided to answer people … Read more

Chyno Miranda dead: users consider the singer dead in networks

1636252001 Chyno Miranda dead users consider the singer dead in networks

Users consider singer Chyno Miranda for dead His ex Natasha Araos comes out to tell the truth about these rumors “Chyno died from the disease that he has been treating?” Chyno Miranda dead. The Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda since the illness that he had have made the artist move away from social networks, so the … Read more

The popular Brazilian singer Marília Mendonça dies when the plane she was traveling in crashed in Brazil – BBC News Mundo

1636157860 The popular Brazilian singer Marilia Mendonca dies when the plane

Drafting BBC News World 5 November 2021 Updated 2 hours Image source, Facebook / Marília Mendonça The popular Brazilian singer Marília Mendonça was one of the fatalities left by an aircraft crash this Friday in southwestern Brazil, the Minas Gerais Fire Department reported. The 26-year-old interpreter had left shortly after noon from the city of … Read more

Latest and surprising setback in the Britney Spears case: the singer now accuses her mother

The controversy is still very present in the life of Britney Spears. After months of legal struggle to end the legal guardianship of her father, who has controlled the singer’s life and finances for thirteen years, and who has succeeded after he will submit his formal resignation to a Los Angeles court and a judge … Read more