What celebrities smell like: these are the perfumes that celebrities use

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Mariana Garza can detect sexual infidelities with her sense of smell

Mariana was married for more than ten years to actor Pablo Perroni (photo: Instagram/@garza_alardin_marian) The topic of infidelity is one of the most popular in meetings between friends, and now it came up for discussion in Yordi Rosado’s program where he had as a guest Mariana Garza. Although the member of Timbiriche She has been … Read more

What does Queen Elizabeth smell like? This is her daily beauty routine and her favorite products


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Marco Antonio Solís went viral for his Christmas message: “If you don’t smell … don’t go out!”


“El Buki” has become a celebrity on Twitter (Photo: EFE / Jose Miguel Caviedes / Archive) Marco Antonio Solis went viral for a tweet where, in his style, he called to take care of the COVID-19 during the Christmas holidays. The message of the leader of Los Bukis has already exceeded 60 thousand likes and … Read more