They affirm from Spain that Shakira tried to return with Piqué; she wanted to start over

Shakira, who is one of the most recognized Colombian artists worldwide, surprised all her followers last weekend and confirmed that she is officially separating from Gerard Piquéafter 12 years of romantic relationship. “We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that … Read more

Shakira will go to trial in Spain for alleged tax fraud: this has been her conflict

Shakira will be tried in Spain for fraud of more than 15 million dollars. On Thursday, May 26, it was confirmed that there is sufficient evidence to send her to trial, after the appeal presented by her defense was dismissed with the aim of filing the accusations against her. “The documents (…) attached to the … Read more

Goodbye Nodal, does Belinda have a new love? Romance from Spain

Would Belinda premiere romance? uncover their orientations | Instagram Belinda would have aroused a strong controversy in recent days after in the midst of the strong controversy with Christian Nodal, the “originally from Madrid“, would supposedly debut a new love. Since his stay in Spain, the singer Belinda He has hinted that he has decided … Read more

William Levy and Esmeralda Pimentel meet in Spain and filter images

William Levy and Esmeralda Pimentel meet in Spain and filter images. | instagram special William Levy and Esmeralda Pimentel meet in Spain and filter images. This would be the first time that the actors coincide and they were very happy. just last weekend Esmeralda Pimentel shone at the most recent Platinum Awards ceremony. The Mexican … Read more

William Levy: the actor of Café con aroma de mujer debuts as a model in Spain

Since starring in “woman-fragranced coffee”, William Levy It has been a constant topic of conversation. Not only for the role as “Sebastián Vallejo”, but shortly after he separated from the beautiful Elizabeth Gutierrez. She now surprises her fans, posing for the campaign of a famous Spanish brand. MORE INFORMATION: The 5 curiosities that nobody knew … Read more

The transparent dress of Justina Bustos in a program from Spain that revolutionized the networks

The daring look of Justina Bustos in “El Hormiguero” (Video: Antena 3) For some time now, and after the great success of The stars, Justina Bustos is projecting her career as an actress internationally. For this, she settled in Spain, where she even forged a great friendship with Lali Esposito -with whom he lived for … Read more

Innocents Chapter 72: 5 keys that will happen in the novel Souls Wounded during the week, from March 28 to 29 | Antenna 3 | Spain | Turkish soap operas | nnda nnlt | SHOWS


What will happen ininnocent”? The Turkish soap opera “Wounded Souls” stars Birkan Sokullu, Ezgi Mola and Merve Dizdar, who make up the Derenoğlu family, one of the most famous on the small screen. Now the series has this schedulepremieres new chapters and we tell you everything that will be seen during this week, specifically on … Read more

Lali Espósito: “Spain has a problem with the consumption of prostitution”

Madrid The Argentine artist Lali Espósito, who is currently halfway between filming the third season of “Sky Rojo” and preparing her new album, points out to EFE that “Spain has a problem with the consumption of prostitution, we have to look that”. “In the series, truths are told that hurt. It is said that Spain … Read more

She looks like JLo and she danced with Shakira. Cuban singer will represent Spain in Eurovision

Chanel Terrero RTVE She has the name of a fashionable perfume, she dances like Jennifer López and has worked with Shakira. Cuban singer, dancer and actress Chanel Terrero has just won the Benidorm festival with the theme SloMo, with the potential to become a hit, in which he invites to “break hips and hearts” and … Read more

“I am leaving happy and grateful,” says Cuban who participated in ‘La Voz’ from Spain

Carlos Ángel Valdés is 33 years old, resides in Madrid and has put Spain at his feet with his talent in the program ‘La Voz’, on Antena 3. Carlos Ángel Valdés was not the winner of the contest The voice from Spain, but he did not make the fight easy for the rest of the … Read more