“I still love him”: Amber Heard’s controversial statements about Johnny Depp

Amber Heard admitted that she still loves Johnny Depp Amber Heard confessed that he still loves Johnny Depp despite her accusations that he abused her and a multi-million dollar lawsuit the actor filed against her and won. “I love him. I loved him with all my heart.”said the American actress to the journalist Savannah Guthrie … Read more

Supposed “third in discord” between Shakira and Gerard Piqué gives his first statements

Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced their breakup on June 4 after 12 years of relationship amid rumors of infidelity. It has been speculated that the Spanish soccer player cheated on the Colombian singer with a 22-year-old girl whose initials were supposedly known: CM The young woman who met the description that has been given of … Read more

Health status Andrés García: Gives his first statements

Andrés García was hospitalized last Saturday. Make your first statements about your state of health. The actor is recovering in the comfort of his home Health status Andrés García. The actor of Dominican origin, surprised at the beginning of the weekend, after sharing an image that left all his followers open-mouthed after sharing shocking message … Read more

Drake & Josh: Drake Bell and Josh Peck’s friendship is further fractured by new statements

In the late nineties, ‘The Amanda Show’ joined the paths of Drake Bell and Josh Peck. Subsequently, the chemistry between the actors gave rise to the spin-off ‘Drake & Josh’. The Nickelodeon comedy series showed great complicity and chemistry between the actors. Their bond felt so natural that many fans of the show believed their … Read more

Paulina Goto defended victims of abuse after Sasha Sokol’s statements


Paulina Goto defended the victims and sympathized with Sasha So The young Mexican interpreter Paulina Goto asked the press not to put pressure on victims of sexual abusethis due to the statements of Sasha Sokol, whom she supports and with whom she identifies because she experienced a similar situation when she was related to the … Read more

Mexican personalities reacted to Sasha Sokol’s statements about Luis de Llano


The singer shared the message on her social networks (Photo: Instagram/@timbiriche_4reva) In the framework of International Women’s Day, sasha sokol made heartbreaking statements regarding his history with Louis of Llano, who a few days earlier had already begun to touch on the subject on a talk show. Now, the singer did not hesitate to make … Read more

They branded Ernesto D’Alessio transphobic for statements about sexual reassignment surgeries


The singer and actor assured that the State should not take charge of the sex reassignment operations (Photo: Instagram/@ernestodalessio) Users of social networks branded the actor and singer as transphobic Ernest D’Alessio for having made hard to criticize around surgical interventions to change sex. During your participation in the program First handthe son of renowned … Read more

Doña Rosa reappears in networks with medical assistance after Chiquis’s statements


Mrs. Rosa Rivera He reappeared in networks, after the new controversy that his family faces after the strong statements that his granddaughter Chiquis gave, about the problems that his brothers have with Rosie and Juan for the inheritance and the management of the companies by Jenni Rivera. The ex-wife of Don Pedro Rivera shared a … Read more

The strong statements of Halyna Hutchins father against Alec Baldwin: “He is guilty of his death”


The strong statements of Halyna Hutchins father against Alec Baldwin: “He is guilty of his death” In the middle of the investigation into the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film “Rust” in October, the father of the director of photography, Anatoly Androsovych, gave harsh statements to the newspaper. The Sun and … Read more

JLo is upset with Ben Affleck for his statements against Jennifer Garner


They claim that Jennifer Lopez is upset by Ben Affleck’s statements against his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner (Reuters) Ben affleck, who has been in rehabilitation on several occasions, said that during his marriage to Jennifer Garner drank to tolerate their relationship. A controversial statement that did not go down well with the actress’s fans as well … Read more