They reveal the strategy used by Piqué to deceive Shakira

Spanish media continue to try to put together the puzzle that has meant the breakup of the marriage of the Colombian singer Shakira and the Barcelona Fútbol Club player, Gerard Piqué. And it is that nothing is clear yet, so Several speculations have been made, without any of those involved having given signs to know … Read more

The sudden change in strategy of Amber Heard’s defense in the trial with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard asked that Johnny Depp not testify again in the trial (Reuters) The legal team of Amber Heard announced that he will no longer call Johnny Depp to the stand at his trial in Fairfax, Virginia. “They don’t have much time left and Johnny Depp was largely considered by Amber Heard’s lawyers to be … Read more

The unusual legal strategy of Kanye West to not sign the divorce to Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian, 41, applied to be legally single in the midst of her divorce from Kanye West (EFE) The divorce case kim kardashian will be the center of attention Wednesday in a Los Angeles courtroom when she asks a judge to declare her legally single before having resolved all matters related to his estate and … Read more

Enrique and Meghan’s strategy to protect the privacy of their two children


EFE Latam Videos Ricky Martin celebrates his 50 years with “the same energy” and “better than ever” San Juan, Dec 24 (EFE) .- Ricky Martin celebrates his 50 years of life this Friday with “the same energy” to continue delighting his followers on stage and feeling “better than ever and more committed” to his musical … Read more

The curious strategy that Paul Stanley used to become the host of “Hoy”


The host recalled how he came to the program “Hoy” with only 22 years (Photo: Instagram / @ paulstanleyd) Paul stanley has been part of the program Today for seven years, but before he could become the morning host, he had his losing streaks, despite his on-screen success. The program Today It is the morning … Read more

Juan Darthés’ strategy in the rape trial that Thelma Fardin initiated and what could happen to him


Juan Darthés Days before the start of the trial in São Paulo for rape that began Thelma Fardin for an event that allegedly occurred in 2009 on a tour in Nicaragua by the strip Patito Feo, Luiz Antonio Nazareth, the actor’s lawyer in the neighboring country, talked about what his client’s strategy will be and … Read more