China Suárez showed the emotional letter that Jey Mammon wrote to her when she was her catechist

China Suárez and Jey Mammon On their social networks, Eugenia The China Suarez shared a childhood memory with Jey Mammon and surprised his followers. The actress published on her Instagram account a letter that the current driver of Morfi (telefe) wrote to her when she was his catechism student. In the letter, she thanked him … Read more

The first vacations of China Suárez and Rusherking: the photos of the paradisiacal destination


China Suárez and Rusherking, at their best as a couple Eugenia La China Suarez Y rushing They are more in love than ever. Less than a month from whitewash your courtship, the brand new couple does not miss an opportunity to be together. So much so that now they took advantage of and combined a … Read more

China Suárez shared a photo with Amancio and surprised with their resemblance: “Mini Chinese”


The former Casi Ángeles showed her resemblance to her son Amancio Eugenia The China Suarez She shared a few postcards with her three children over the extra large weekend, and one in particular caught the attention of her Instagram followers. Users remarked the incredible physical resemblance to the youngest of the family, Amancio, who will … Read more

The audacious compliment of China Suárez to Rusherking when seeing him in a tuxedo


China Suárez and Rusherking exchange compliments on social networks in the last hours rushing posted a video wearing a black tuxedo and celebrated that his latest musical release is approaching 8 million views on YouTube. His post collected hundreds of comments on his Instagram account, but there was one that did not go unnoticed by … Read more

The progressive change of look of China Suárez, after starting to go out with Rusherking


Along with Rusherking, China Suárez wore an oversize jacket @sangrejaponesa Actress, singer, mom and model, Eugenia the China Suarez is also a influencer and as such, her looks always make people talk and without intending to, Benjamín Vicuña’s ex imposes a trend among her followers. In recent weeks, coincidentally after confirming her relationship with the … Read more

China Suárez and Rusherking strengthen their relationship: the photos of their romantic weekend


China Suárez and Rusherking strengthen their relationship A few weeks after being discovered caramelized at an eventChina Suarez and Rusherking They decided not to hide from the flashes anymore and live their love to the fullest, in full view of everyone and regardless of what they say. Such a diagnosis is reached after revealing the … Read more

The secret story of the reunion between Pampita and La China Suárez

China Suárez brought a gift to Beltrán, in the midst of his conflict with Benjamin Vicuña China Suarez Y Pampita Ardohain managed to establish a good bond and left in the past the scandal related to the famous motorhome that involved Benjamin Vicuna. Recently, the actress made clear her excellent relationship with her model by … Read more

The forceful phrase of Peter Lanzani when asked about the courtship of China Suárez and Rusherking


The actor referred to the criticism that his ex-partner from Casi Ángeles receives through social networks, and admired his strength The last months Eugenia The China Suarez faced negative comments on social media and several times decided to respond with forceful messages and reflections on bullying. On Tuesday Peter Lanzani was asked about it in … Read more

L-Ghent told how the private talk with China Suárez was after his controversial crossing with the actress

L-Gante revealed the dialogue he had with China Suárez after the controversy (Moment D. El Trece) Days ago, an unexpected controversy shook the entertainment world. On one side, the actress Eugenia La China Suarezand on the other, the musician L-Ghent, one of the most popular of the new scene. It all started at the Ezeiza … Read more

The suggestive comment of L-Ghent after the anger of China Suárez


L-Ghent sent a hint to China Suárez In the last hours, an unexpected cross between Eugenia La China Suarez Y L-Ghent. It all started when the singer of cumbia 420 was approached by the chronicler of show partners after arriving at the Ezeiza airport, after his vacation in Spain, and was consulted by the actress. … Read more