Eiza González’s path to being one of the most successful Latinas in Hollywood

Once again a Mexican pride is placed at the top at the international level; of course we talk about Eiza Gonzalez. Without a doubt we are in a time where openness in many aspects is more present than ever. The acceptance of different ways of thinking, acting and even dressing are becoming more visible, but … Read more

5 actors who followed in the footsteps of their brothers and even surpassed them: they are very successful

5 actors who followed in the footsteps of their brothers and even surpassed them In the 2000s, Dakota Fanning She was crowned one of the most recognized child actresses in Hollywood. Her talent is undeniable. However, today, the name Fanning not only resonates in the cinema because of her, but also because of her sister … Read more

Georgina Rodríguez: the memes of the successful Netflix series by Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife


“I’m Georgina” is the name of the documentary series produced by Netflix and which has as its protagonist Georgina Rodriguez, the Spanish-Argentine model and businesswoman. Cristiano Ronaldo’s wife shows in front of the camera how he lives with the Portuguese star and his children Mateo Ronaldo, Alana Martina, Eva Maria Dos Santos and Cristiano Ronaldo … Read more

The most successful actress of ‘The Squid Game’ pays a high price for fame


While Netflix strengthened its position by streaming leadership, the international success of The Squid Game sweetened the curriculum of some of its actors and inflated followers their Instagram accounts. However, dealing with that sudden fame overnight is no easy task. Y Jung Ho-yeon is the clear example of this. The actress and model conquered the … Read more

Sarah Jessica Parker and the most successful zasca to hatred for age in women


Sarah Jessica Parker stars on the cover of the issue Vogue December and in one of the questions he has taken the opportunity to respond in a forceful way to those who say that he looks older in the reboot from Sex in New York, And Just Like That, whose premiere is scheduled for next … Read more

“And one that is super rich”, Daniella Chávez and her successful campaign


Daniella Chávez campaigns, “And one that is super rich” | Instagram Daniella Chavez It is more than a pretty face and a more than beautiful body and that is why it knows how to take advantage of its physical attributes to achieve what it wants that is why it has campaigned with the phrase “And … Read more