Prince Harry suffers serious accident while riding a horse

Prince Harry is an avid polo fan and plays the sport regularlybut it is a discipline that requires great skill as a rider, since you have to have control when riding a horse that requires skill and agility. It is clear about its dangers and that is that any unforeseen event can cause accidents, which … Read more

What is the Ramsay Hunt syndrome that Justin Bieber suffers from

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Yuri’s gun, her suicide attempt and the bullying she suffers for being a Christian: this was her interview in Something Personal with Jorge Ramos

Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco, better known as Yuri, was crowned the “Mexican Madonna” and for a long time captivated thousands of fans with her voice. Thanks to her talent, she enjoyed great stardom: from being the first Mexican to perform in Viña del Mar and being the queen of the festival, to becoming the first singer … Read more

“I injured my only foot due to my lack of sensitivity”: Daniella Álvarez suffers an impressive injury after walking a lot during her stay in Ecuador | People | Entertainment

The recovery of Daniella Álvarez after suffering the amputation of part of her left leg, is the best example of human improvement. And during her visit to EcuadorThe former Miss Colombia shared with her followers how much she enjoys the country, but unfortunately a long walk left a serious injury to her only foot. Accompanied … Read more

Sandra Pica expands on the disease she suffers from after her continuous visits to the emergency room


Diseases of celebrities Sandra Pica Sandra Pica is not going through, not even remotely, an easy personal stage. Her health has generated great concern and finally the doctors have approached a clear diagnosis after the young woman’s last visits to the hospital the health of Sandra Pika has created quite a stir. The former contestant … Read more

Maribel Guardia suffers from an illness that makes her feel drugged and prevents her from drinking water


Maribel assured that the water ‘washes away’ the sodium from her body (Photo: EFE/Maribel Guardia) After the singer Yuri suffered his first coronavirus infection in 2020which caused the COVID-19 disease, the jarocha was able to overcome it, but shortly after began to suffer the symptoms of a disease known as dysautonomia, which could be a … Read more

Selena Gomez suffers an accident at the SAG Awards 2022


Selena Gomez suffers an accident at the SAG Awards 2022. | PHOTO: AP The Actors Guild award ceremony was full of pleasant surprises, and others that scared more than one, as it did, Selena Gomezwho suffered accident when it came to SAG Awards 2022. The 29-year-old actress and singer, interpreter of ice-cream and Love you … Read more

Angelina Jolie suffers again for love, rumors of infidelity of The Weeknd


Angelina Jolie suffers again for love, rumors of infidelity of The Weeknd. | instagram special Angelina Jolie suffers again for love, as rumors of infidelity of The Weeknd after coming to light a series of images where the singer is seen kissing with the DJ simi khadra last weekend in Las Vegas. Even though Angelina … Read more

Prince Harry unleashes reactions after stating that he suffers from exhaustion


Prince Harry. REUTERS/Caitlin Ochs The prince harry faces mixed reactions after describing how she prioritizes her own mental health each day after suffering from “burnout”, with some questioning the difficulty of the royal workload. The Duke of Sussex shared his thoughts on the mental health during a virtual appearance organized by the company of coaching … Read more

Evaluna Montaner suffers a tremendous fall and shows her injuries


Through his Instagram account, Evaluate Montaner shared with his fans that Suffered a fall, so the worried after showing the wounds who suffered as a result of the incident, especially since the Venezuelan actress is pregnant and is already in her second and third trimesters. It was through a video Evaluate Montaner shared where you … Read more