Courtney Love expressed her support for Johnny Depp in the middle of the trial against Amber Heard: “He saved my life”

Courtney Love expressed her support for Johnny Depp in the middle of the trial against Amber Heard: “He saved my life” (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic) American singer and actress Courtney Lovewidow of musician Kurt Cobain, made a video expressing her support for the actor Johnny Deppwho is in the middle of a mediatic trial for defamation … Read more

After 9 heart attacks and at the age of 71, César Bono has to continue working to support his family

César Bono confessed that he wants to return to work because he is the breadwinner of his family (Photo: Instagram @assislsantos) After Caesar Bono had to undergo emergency surgery in March because had the perforated duodenumconfessed that is ready to go back to workbut not only for passion for acting, but for financial need. Two … Read more

Opinion: Why do people blindly support Johnny Depp? I’ll tell you why

“If she was scared to death, why didn’t she just leave?” everyone’s favorite bad boy-turned-Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp asked in court. He was talking, of course, about his ex-wife Amber Heard, whom he is suing for defamation in the US for an article she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018. During her testimony, the … Read more

“I do believe you”: networks show support for Sasha Sokol

Luis de Llano still worked on the solo release of Sasha Sokol Photo: Archive After what Louis of Llano declare that:I have not committed any crime” in response to the public complaint made by Sasha Sokol against her, and despite her decision not to talk about it anymore, the singer turned to her social networks … Read more

Ana Bárbara sympathized with artists after complaints: “I will always support a woman who raises her voice”

Ana Bárbara expressed solidarity with the women who have denounced abuses in the artistic medium Upon arrival at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), when Ana Barbara He had a meeting with the media and delved into various professional issues. However, after the latest public denunciations made by various women at the national level with … Read more

Hollywood artists support Ukraine Learn about their initiatives!

Getty Images Leonardo DiCaprio donated 10 million dollars Not only do the big Hollywood stars appear in movies and at big events in the world of entertainment, they also show us their most human and philanthropic side by becoming sensitive to the current problems of the world. After the Russian Invasion in Ukraine, the world … Read more

Visibly moved, Kate dresses in the colors of the Ukrainian flag in a show of support

The tragedy that is being experienced in Eastern Europe has not left the rest of the world indifferent. Since a few days, the prince william and the Duchess of Cambridge They issued a statement in which they recalled when they were able to meet the Ukrainian president and his wife, showing them their support in … Read more

“Very brave”: Andrea Legarreta showed her support for Sasha Sokol after testimony against Luis de Llano

The host of Hoy recognized that her action was brave After approximately 33 years, sasha sokol He turned to his social networks to publicly tell his version of the relationship he had with Louis of Llano when he was still a minor and was part of Timbirichethis after the topic was revived. After his statement, … Read more

Ferdinando Valencia against Jesús Ochoa for lack of support in the death of his son: “A deep disappointment as a human being”

The actor questioned the attitude of the ANDA leader (Photos: Instagram/@jesusochoamex/@ferdinandoval) In 2019 the world of Mexican entertainment was shaken by the tragedy that Ferdinand Valencia and his wife Brenda Kellermann they lived by losing their son, who was shortly after being born, Dante, after he presented health problems, which led to meningitis that was … Read more