The former participant of Matter of Weight who had more than 30 surgeries on his face: “Now I am prettier than Ricky Martin”

Fran Mariano revealed that he had 30 surgeries to look like Ricky Martin (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine) Francisco Ibanezbetter known as Fran Marianorose to fame for the first time with his role as “El fan de Graciela Alfano” in the tribune of ShowMatch, many years ago. On that occasion, and in the middle of a … Read more

“I’m not just a nose”: Carmen Campuzano spoke about her multiple cosmetic surgeries

Carmen Campuzano said she was happy with her last surgery (IG: carmencampuzanooficial) Carmen Campuzano was considered during the 90s as one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, howeverafter acquiring a bacteria called leptospirosisinitiate multiple aesthetic treatments and fall into addictions, the appearance of the famous changed radically over the years. This is why after … Read more

How many surgeries does Kylie Jenner have? This has been the transformation of the businesswoman


Written in CELEBRITIES the 2/4/2022 00:10 a.m. Kylie Jenner has gone through an impressive transformation from his adolescence to today, we tell you how many surgeries does the businesswoman have to see how it currently looks. At just 17 years old, the youngest of the Kardashian Jenner clan began to change her body and face … Read more

Surgeries that Bella Hadid and other super models have regretted


The plastic surgery it can allow you to change details of how someone looks, but sometimes that’s what makes it so harmful. Looking in the mirror and not recognizing yourself is something that some supermodels have struggled with when they have undergone cosmetic procedures. Recently, the American edition of ‘Vogue’ published a profile of the … Read more

Ernesto D’Alessio defended his position on sex change surgeries after strong criticism


On December 30, 2021, the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores (ISSTE), a Mexican government organization dedicated to the health care of workers who do not work in a government institution, announced that the first reallocation operation of sex performed in their facilities was successful. Said surgery is part of the actions … Read more

They branded Ernesto D’Alessio transphobic for statements about sexual reassignment surgeries


The singer and actor assured that the State should not take charge of the sex reassignment operations (Photo: Instagram/@ernestodalessio) Users of social networks branded the actor and singer as transphobic Ernest D’Alessio for having made hard to criticize around surgical interventions to change sex. During your participation in the program First handthe son of renowned … Read more

The before and after of Ninel Conde and her cosmetic surgeries


The artistic career of Ninel Conde It started in 1995 and hasn’t stopped since. In the beginning, the actress was established as the winner of the Señorita Estado de México contest. Then, he decided to enter the world of acting and body language. Therefore, he began his studies. While she was training in important schools … Read more

Juan José Origel revealed names of celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgeries


Juan José “Pepillo” Origel revealed what celebrities he saw when he went to inject botox (Photo: Instagram / @ juanjoseorigel) Show host Juan José Origel, who is also known as “Pepillo”, He confessed to having seen more than one actress leave a clinic that specializes in carrying out cosmetic surgeries. During the program Excuse me, … Read more

The photos of the 5 worst surgeries of famous Mexicans


Fame opens the range of hundreds of positive factors, to build an everyday life dissimilar to the vast majority of the population. With visibility, comforts are incorporated and above all the ego is stimulated. Of course, it also implies adverse circumstances such as the obsession with appearance, to preserve a beauty status. In this quest … Read more

Charlene’s friends from Monaco warn: ‘She is exhausted from surgeries and cannot eat well’

The actual situation of Charlene from Monaco and the extent of her illness remains a mystery. The Princess returned to the Principality on November 8, After spending six months in South Africa, her native country, suffering from a serious ear, nose, and throat infection. It seemed that she was recovered and is expected on November … Read more