Miguel Varoni showed the result, after undergoing rejuvenation surgery

Colombian actor Miguel Varoni, who recently underwent a rejuvenation procedure, which he has shown on his social networks, and even joked that he hoped they would turn him into Maluma. On the subject, the surgeon assured that with the Varoni procedure, it aims to demystify plastic surgeries and especially in men. “That people can understand … Read more

María del Sol spoke about her state of health after surgery; she accused record companies of not supporting her

María del Sol spoke about her return to music after a knee operation Photo: María del Sol/@mariadelsol10 At the beginning of March, the Mexican singer, Mary of the Sunhad to undergo knee surgery, because the synovial fluid or joint fluid, that which is found between the bones of the knees, was worn away. After this, … Read more

The rough moment in which Talina Fernández removed the stitches from her surgery with tweezers

Talina Fernández underwent surgery to remove a mole (Photo: @talinafernandezoficial/ Instagram) Talina Fernández has established herself as one of the most important artists in Mexico, because with 52 years of artistic career she won the affection of the public. However, recently she had to undergoing surgery for a mole that was found at the height … Read more

Adamari López appears in a white swimsuit and is told that the surgery is noticeable


Recently Adamari Lopez He shared with us, through his social networks, that he had a getaway with his daughter Alaïa to Cartagena, in Colombia, one of the objectives of this trip was to be able to visit a lady named Carmen who worked for many years with the Puerto Rican actress. During your visit, Adamari … Read more

Linda Evangelista shows her body after surgery that left her “disfigured”


Written in CELEBRITIES the 2/16/2022 4:42 p.m. In September of last year, cute evangelist She left all her followers and the fashion industry in “shock” when she posted a text on her Instagram profile in which she revealed that an aesthetic procedure carried out in 2016 had left her “brutally disfigured”. At that time, he … Read more

Wanda Nara answered if she manages Icardi’s Instagram, if she had surgery on her lolas and who is her favorite daughter


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Miguel Varoni: Why did Catherine Siachoque’s husband undergo surgery and what does Maluma have to do with it?


It is no secret to anyone that the relationship they have maintained over all these years, Catherine Siachoque and Miguel Varoni, is a love story worthy of any fairy tale with more than 20 years together. The history of both stars dates back to 1996 when they both met during the recordings of the famous … Read more

Gisella Aboumrad undergoes weight-loss surgery: [FOTOS]


Telemundo Gisella Aboumrad undergoes bariatric surgery The Mexican actress Gisella Aboumrad was the last eliminated from La Casa de Los Famosos, Aboumrad underwent a cbariatric surgery and shows her new figure through her social networks. In an interview with the magazine People in spanish The actress revealed that she underwent bariatric surgery in order to … Read more

Marian Farjat denounced malpractice in cosmetic surgery: “The doctor laughed in my face”


Marian Farjat denounced malpractice in one of her cosmetic surgeries (Photo: Instagram) Marian Farhat recounted the dramatic situation that is still going through a cosmetic surgery on her nose that she underwent in 2017. Through a distressing story, the former Big Brother denounced medical malpractice and he listed all the complications he has been suffering … Read more

Gimena Accardi must undergo surgery after suffering an accident with her dog: what will happen to the work


Gimena Accardi, protagonist of A week nothing else Gimena Accardi He suffered a heavy fall while walking his dog on Tuesday night and injured his left shoulder in Mar del Plata, where he was starring in the play One week no more with Benjamin Rojas and Nicolas Vazquez. The actress recounted details of this domestic … Read more