Susana Abundiz: Do you continue your relationship with a former EXATLON USA participant?

Courtesy Telemundo Susana Abundis The successful sports reality show broadcast by the Telemundo network, Exathlon United States, turns each of the athletes who decide to take on the challenge within the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet” into celebrities with legions of fans accompanying them at every step. And not to mention the winners, who … Read more

Susana Zabaleta said she had a strange syndrome: “It hurts a lot”

The actress feels in a complicated moment of life (Photo: Instagram/@susanazabaleta) Susana Zabaleta She has established herself throughout her career as one of the most renowned and controversial singers and actresses. On this occasion, the artist opened her heart to talk about a situation that has her quite affected recently. It was during the show … Read more

The unknown loves and pains that unite David Zepeda and Susana González

David Zepeda and Susana González had never acted together until they were selected to star in ‘my fortune is to love you‘. They knew each other from events, awards and parties. However, according to what they told Yahoo Vida y Estilo, they have become endearing colleagues thanks to several unexpected things that have brought them … Read more

“They put their hands on you”: Susana Zabaleta spoke about the harsh moments of harassment she experienced in the middle

Photo: Cuartoscuro Susana Zabaleta has stood out during her career for her amazing theatricality and voice, however, her strong character is also one of the key elements that this artist has. However, this time, the actress put aside her armor and decided to tell some of the difficulties she went through during the beginning of … Read more

The special gift that Marcelo Tinelli gave Susana Giménez for her birthday

Marcelo Tinelli sent Susana a present for her birthday Susana Gimenez He had his birthday last Saturday, but that does not stop him from continuing to celebrate. In this opportunity the diva chose to enjoy it in Colombia, where he also traveled for work reasons. At a small table, with only three guests, an outdoor … Read more

The extravagant birthday celebration of Susana Giménez on a raft, in an ecological and vegan hotel in Colombia

Susana Giménez’s extravagant birthday celebration (Videos and photo: Instagram) It was not Miami or Punta del Este. For the first time, the destination chosen to celebrate his birthday was Colombia. Is that Susana Gimenez is there for work reasons and took the opportunity to celebrate with his daughter Mercedes Sarrabayrouse and some relatives in a … Read more

Jorge Rama, the ex who most infuriates Susana Giménez: from public infidelity to stolen checks and forged signatures

Susana Gimenez and Jorge Rama “I don’t like the tenement house, I don’t want to make a fuss, but I would have to be crazy and the guy too, he must be terrified of meeting again. If that was never fixed. How can you say that?”corrected on air Susana Gimenez to Luis Ventura, after the … Read more

Mercedes Sarrabayrouse has coronavirus: what will happen to Susana Giménez’s birthday

Mercedes Sarrabayrouse tested positive for Covid-19 In the last hours, the journalist louis ventura confirmed in cycle in the afternoon (america) that Mercedes Sarrabayrouse tested positive for coronavirus. own Susana Gimenez had told during an interview over the weekend that her daughter had made a lightning trip to Argentina to renew her visa. In this … Read more

Susana Pérez reveals that Fidel Castro wanted to be with her on a yacht

The popular Cuban actress Susana Perez revealed that the late dictator Fidel Castro he wanted to be with her and invited her through a third person to have an intimate date on a yacht. “There is a character that everyone knows, and he is now stuck in a stone, which tried to have something with … Read more