This will be the luxurious and mysterious wedding of Ricardo Montaner’s son that everyone talks about – La Vibra

This will be the luxurious and mysterious wedding of Ricardo

This year seems to be filled with many celebrations for the Montaner family. On Saturday Ricky Montaner is getting married with his girlfriend, the Argentine model Stefi Roitman. They await the birth of Indigo and their musical careers seem to have no ceiling. But in the last hours, the eyes of the celebrity are on … Read more

Penélope Cruz talks about how she and Javier Bardem protect their children from technology and social networks

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have always been very jealous of his private life, but this time the actress has made an exception to talk about how she and her husband try to protect her two sons Leo, ten years old and Luna, eight, of the era in which we live, in which social networks … Read more

Julio José Iglesias, more sincere than ever, talks about his divorce and his famous family

MADRID After three years without visiting Spain, Julio José Iglesias Jr has returned to Madrid at the hands of Schweppes and has been in charge of closing the first pop up in the history of the brand. With the sympathy, naturalness and closeness that characterizes him, Isabel Preysler’s son has told us how he is … Read more

Adamari López breaks the silence and talks about her happiness at being a Miss Universe jury

Adamari Lopez breaks the silence and talks about her happiness

Adamari López. Photo: Telemundo / Telemundo We told you exclusively, and now Adamari Lopez break the silence and talk about his happiness of being a juryand miss Universe“, While ending his quarantine from Israel. Interviewed by Chiquibaby, Quique Usales and Nacho Lozano, Adamari expressed how happy she is about this opportunity that gave him the … Read more

Charlene from Monaco’s father talks for the first time about his daughter’s health: ‘I know she will get over this’

Since it was known that Charlene from Monaco had contracted an ENT infection last May the questions about how he was were a constant. In recent weeks we have learned more details about Charlene’s state of health and recovery from statements made by her husband, Alberto de Monáco, or by some friends of the Princess. … Read more

Guillermo from England reveals that his family are fans of Shakira and talks about Carlota’s “hip movements and costumes”

Guillermo from England reveals that his family are fans of

Music is a fundamental element in the life, current and past, of William of England. This is how the prince confesses this Sunday in an interview with the British newspaper The Times, in which he recalls that some of the funniest and most endearing family moments of his childhood were spent on the one-way trips … Read more

Ocaña Family breaks the silence and talks about the heritage of “Benito Rivers”

Ocana Family breaks the silence and talks about the heritage

It was last October 30 when one of the child stars of Televisa died, because over 16 years, Octavio Ocaña gave life to the tender child of the comedy series “Neighbors”, Octavio Ocaña. The death of the actor remains a true unknown, because so far the true reasons for his death have not been revealed, … Read more

Ben Affleck talks about his new life with Jennifer Lopez for the first time

The reconciliation of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez As a couple seventeen years after their breakup, this has been one of the most notable events in the social chronicle of 2021. After the actress and singer broke her engagement with Álex Rodríguez and the interpreter ended his engagement with Ana de Armas, the couple seems … Read more

Sandra Bullock talks about the traumatic experience that changed her life forever

In 2014 the life of Sandra Bullock changed because of a traumatic experience that has marked her forever. During your visit to Red table talk, a program hosted by Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, the Oscar and Golden Globe winner, has chronicled the moment in which a man snuck into … Read more