Thalía received strong criticism for the appearance of her face: “The botox was good”

Thalia is 50 years old (Photo: Instagram/@thalia) One more time, Thalía is involved in the controversy over a photograph that she published on her social networks. On this occasion, the Mexican artist was harshly criticized by the appearance of your face because it was supposedly swollen, a situation that unleashed endless conflicting opinions about the … Read more

Thalía abuses botox and can hardly open her eyes, they confuse her with Lyn May

Thalía abused botox and can hardly open her eyes, they confuse her with Lyn May. For many women in the middle of the show, it has become a priority to embrace their gray hairs, wrinkles, stretch marks and even chubby ones as a way of shouting to the world that they love each other as … Read more

Laura Zapata is clear when and how her relationship with Thalía will end (and if she is her real mother)


Laura Zapata knows that in the not too distant future, his cordial and close relationship with Thalia it could be completely different. Of the four half-sisters she has (Ernestina, Gabriela, Federica and Thalía Sodi), Tommy Mottola’s wife she is the only one with whom he has close communication. He has had a lawsuit with the … Read more

Thalía was 19 years old, he was 20 years older: today everyone speaks, criticizes her and Laura Zapata defends her


Thalia He fell in love. Laura Zapata will clear everything up. She was 19 years old, it is true, but she was in love with Alfredo Díaz Ordaz, who, according to Hola! magazine, was the son of former Mexican President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, who was 20 years older than the interpreter of Amor a la … Read more

Mitzy spoke about Luis de Llano’s harassment speculations about Thalía


This is how the designer defended the singer (Photo: Instagram/@thali.fan7mx/@luisdllanomacedo) After a series of rumors that during the last week pointed to Thalia could also have suffered some type of harassment or abuse by Louis of Llanois now one of his greatest friends, the designer Mitzywho responds to such questions that have not ceased to … Read more

Thalía: Get to know the neighborhood where she lived her childhood!


Thalía: Get to know the neighborhood where she lived her childhood! Today the famous singer and Mexican actress Thalia has great properties, however, it was not always like that, because his life was very different from little, so we will let you know how he lived during that stage. Recently, the beautiful singer of ‘Amor … Read more

Thalía set the networks on fire with her daring Christmas look


Thalía said excited about Christmas (Photo: Instagram / @ thalia) Thalia He did not hesitate to express his taste for the holidays and published a series of photographs on his social networks. In these, the singer is seen posing in a Christmas-themed background while showing off her enviable figure. Through her official Instagram account, the … Read more

Thalía shared details about the treatment for her back injury


Thalía showed how her treatment is (Photo: Instagram / @ thalia) Recently Thalia decided to share details about the treatment he takes to recover from his lower back injury, the singer showed a girdle that she has used to feel better. The famous one uploaded a series of temporary stories through her official Instagram account … Read more

Jaime Camil confessed how much it affected him to end up with Thalía and other secrets of his past


The actor debunked some myths and legends about his life and career with ‘El scorpión Dorado’, who is a famous character on the Internet for his acid humor and played by youtuber Alex Montiel. In the interview published on December 7, 2021, Jaime Camil spoke about his different relationships with the women of the show … Read more