Anamá Ferreira’s trip to Brazil with Thelma Fardin: “I got into a war that is not mine, although many people told me not to”

Anama Ferreira and Thelma Fardin —Hello Thelma, I’m Anama, shall we have a coffee? Anamá Ferreira was at home when the news broke announcing that the trial against Juan Darthés in São Paulo returned to zero page. Fardin’s tears before the court’s decision were not indifferent to the former model, who, oblivious to the case … Read more

In front of the Brazilian consulate and surrounded by actresses, Thelma Fardin spoke of the annulment of the trial of Juan Darthés: “I was the judge”

Thelma Fardin press conference “Look how we fight” read the posters posted on Carlos Pellegrini street at the door ofhe Consulate of Brazil where Thelma Fardin and her colleagues from the group of Argentine Actresses got together to claim, after the Brazilian Justice declare the nullity of the trial against Juan Darthés that takes place … Read more

Why Thelma Fardin’s trial against Juan Darthés fell and what will be the future of the investigation


Thelma Fardin and Juan Darthes “Today a Brazilian Superior Court decided to return to zero the trial that was almost over against Juan Darthés. A trial that cost a lot to carry out and that is suspended not because of irregularities, but because now a Court says that there is no jurisdiction, “he announced. Thelma … Read more

Thelma Fardin spoke about how her fight against Juan Darthés affects her: “Not only in my relationships does it get complicated”


The actress gave details of the judicial process in an interview with Alejandro Fantino Thelma Fardin reappeared on television, after being admitted to the Pirovano Hospital, from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, due to a peak of stress. His health was affected by the trial against Juan Darthes, for aggravated rape, which began at … Read more

Thelma Fardin’s strong response when a follower mentioned Juan Darthés


Thelma Fardin was hospitalized last week for a spike in post traumatic stress These are not easy days for Thelma Fardin. After at the beginning of December the trial that had begun against Juan Darthés due to aggravated rape, in recent days this had an impact on his health and it transpired that was admitted … Read more

Roberto Piazza doubts Thelma Fardin’s complaint to Juan Darthés: “I don’t know if the stupid thing is right”


Roberto Piazza doubts the word of Thelma Fardin The complaint of Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés it went to oral proceedings and, after it began, was suddenly put on hold. While it is expected that there will be news early next year, Roberto Piazza gave his opinion on the matter, doubting the testimony of the … Read more

Thelma Fardin: “I’m exhausted but I’m proud to have made it here” | First day of the trial against Juan Darthés for sexual abuse


“I’m not the one who had to avoid it. He was the one who had to not do it “said Thelma Fardin, when she finished testifying – virtually – for four hours in the first hearing of the oral trial that is being carried out in Brazil against Juan Darthés for aggravated rape, a crime … Read more

Strong statement from Argentine Actresses to accompany Thelma Fardin: “The time of impunity is over”


“Today, with the start of the oral trial in Brazil, we accompanied Thelma Fardin as on December 11, 2018, when her criminal complaint against Juan Darthés was made public for the rape suffered nine years before, as a minor, during a tour working in Nicaragua. Thus ends a three-year cycle for the cause, which continued … Read more

The trial begins against the Argentine actor Juan Darthés, accused of raping the actress Thelma Fardin when he was 16 years old


Published: Nov 30, 2021 15:52 GMT The case sparked social upheaval and sparked a broad debate on sexual abuse. The trial against Argentine actor Juan Darthés, who is accused of having raped actress Thelma Fardin when she was a minor, began this Tuesday amid wide expectations and activism from the feminist movement around a case … Read more

Argentine actress Thelma Fardín, before the rape trial against Juan Darthés: “I expect a restorative response”


Argentine actress Thelma Fardín, during an interview with EL PAÍS in Buenos Aires, on November 26, 2021.Enrique Garcia Medina Almost three years have passed since the Argentine actress Thelma Fardín (San Carlos de Bariloche, 29 years old) publicly revealed that she was raped when she was a minor by actor Juan Darthés. Days later, he … Read more