In a tight garment, Madonna shows off how good she looks from behind in a flirty video

Madonna showed off how good she looks from behind in a tight garment | instagram The 60’s are the new 30’s! The iconic queen of pop, madonna is the proof of this saying, because at 63 years of age, she looks better than ever! Recently, on her social networks, she would give a flirtatious look … Read more

Great, Kim Kardashian boasts tight outfit walking on a yacht

Kim Kardashian boasts tight outfit walking on a yacht | INSTAGRAM The famous american businesswoman, kim kardashianwas out on a yacht in the city of portofinoItaly, accompanied by her daughter Northposing in front of the cameras in different poses and moments sharing it with his Instagram audience. The model put her talents into practice with … Read more

Tight outfit, Alexa Dellanos makes her fans smile with a curvaceous figure

Alexa Dellanos with curvy figure makes her fans smile | INSTAGRAM It was through five photographs as is the beautiful american model, Alexa Dellanos was in charge of pampering his audience and confessing that he would do anything to make those 8 million of followers who now support it. The famous Influencer decided to share … Read more

Rebel Wilson after losing 35 kilos, wears a tight dress

Rebel Wilson after losing 35 kilos, wears a tight dress Recently the famous actress and comedian rebel wilson She has worn a tight dress after having lost more than 35 kilos, letting herself be seen happier than ever after this great change. It should be noted that the beautiful 42-year-old actress showed off in a … Read more

Sofía Zámolo cried the death of a friend: “I asked mom to hug you very tight up there”

Sofía Zámolo cried for the death of Lulú, one of her best friends At this time, Sofía Zámolo is experiencing one of the hardest moments of her life. Recently Lulu, one of her best friends, passed away and the model expressed herself about it on her Instagram account through a video in which they are … Read more

Toni Costa’s alleged girlfriend shows off her figure with sexy and tight leggings – La Vibra

Although none of them has confirmed it, there has been talk of the new romance of Tony Costa, who would be the tiktoker Evelyn Beltran. In the last hours, the woman appeared on her social networks with an outfit that completely paralyzed the networks. Through her Instagram account, where she has more than 82 thousand … Read more

Angelina Jolie dresses like Kim Kardashian in extremely tight dress


Angelina Jolie went to the sixteenth Annual Rome Film Festival to promote his new film, it is about “Eternals”Where he shares scenes with Salma Hayek With whom he has forged a closer friendship, since the context in which they filmed the new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie allowed forging close ties between the actors. For this … Read more