Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel

Camila Homs told for the first time what her reaction was when she found out about Rodrigo De Paul’s romance with Tini Stoessel (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine) The rumors had started long before, when few knew about it and tried to keep it a secret until the protagonists feel comfortable talking about it publicly. And … Read more

This is how Cande Ruggeri told her family that she was pregnant: Oscar’s unusual reaction

Cande Ruggeri showed the moment when she told her family that she was pregnant (Video: “We in the morning”, El Trece) “I’m going to be a grandfather. From Candle”. With those words, and almost unintentionally, Oscar Ruggeri announced that its most famous heiress was going to become a mother for the first time. Everything passed … Read more

El Noba’s mother spoke for the first time since her death: “I told my son: ‘You took my heart and my soul with you'”

Vanesa, moved after the death of her son (Video: “Cortá por Lozano, Telefe) Last Friday the tragic death of The Noba He shocked not only his fans but also his most intimate environment, who are the ones who miss him the most every day. In this sense, and after a few days of silence, Vanessathe … Read more

L-Ghent told how the private talk with China Suárez was after his controversial crossing with the actress

L-Gante revealed the dialogue he had with China Suárez after the controversy (Moment D. El Trece) Days ago, an unexpected controversy shook the entertainment world. On one side, the actress Eugenia La China Suarezand on the other, the musician L-Ghent, one of the most popular of the new scene. It all started at the Ezeiza … Read more

Johnny Depp testifies for the second time: “Whatever happens, I came here and told the truth”

Kate Moss at the Depp vs. Heard: “No. She never pushed me down the stairs” 1:38 (CNN) — Johnny Depp took the stand again on Wednesday to refute testimony previously given by witnesses, including Amber Heard, stating that his ex-wife hit him multiple times and that her accusations of violence against him are “appalling.” heard … Read more

Luis Fonsi talks about his divorce with Adamari López: “I have never told this, she is going to kill me”

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi finally broke the silence about her divorce with Adamari Lopezmore than 12 years after their breakup. Since they announced their separation in November 2009, both artists have been very discreet about it, but especially Fonsi. It was quite a surprise for the public that the singer decided to talk about … Read more

Toni Costa told his daughter Alaia that he has a girlfriend. How did Adamari López take it?


Mezcaliente Tony Costa Tony Costa little by little he has been giving information about aspects of his private life. The 38-year-old Spanish dancer had stood out for being discreet and avoiding referring to his ex, Adamari Lopez, 50 years old. However, she has been encouraged to recount episodes experienced as a result of her separation … Read more

Mauricio Ochmann responds emphatically to those who told him he looked like Consuelo Duval

At the beginning of May, the actor of ‘And how is he?’ She lent herself as a model for a cosmetics master class by the stylist Pepe Gutiérrez in order to raise funds for the Apadrina un transplant foundation and showed the result on his Instagram account. After revealing his transformation, some social network users … Read more

Gerard Piqué broke the silence and told why he has not married Shakira

The Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Colombian singer Shakira have one of the longest-lasting relationships in entertainment worldwide; With 12 years together and two children, they have become an example of stable celebrity couples. For several years it has been rumored why the couple has not gone to the altar, since, despite being … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña’s reproach to Estefi Berardi after she told that she tried to seduce her


Estefi Berardi said that Benjamín Vicuña wrote to her after she said that he tried to conquer her (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine) “I recorded a novel with Vicuña, when I was 18 years old. It was Don Juan and his beautiful lady. I hit some skittles there”. Last Thursday, Estefi Berardi He was surprised to … Read more