From Julión Álvarez to Galilea Montijo: which celebrities were linked to drug traffickers and why

Several famous Mexicans have been involved in the controversy after being singled out for their alleged relationship with drug traffickers. Photos: Getty Images/CUARTOSCURO Famous Mexicans have been involved in the scandal for their alleged link to drug trafficking. Some have been singled out for their alleged participation in crimes such as money laundering, others for … Read more

Pedro Infante’s grandson assured that the actor faked his death due to links with drug traffickers

César Augusto Infante assured that his grandfather died at the age of 95 and not in the 1957 plane crash (Photos: SIC / Government of Mexico // YouTube Capture / Double G) Almost 65 years after the death of Pedro Infanteone of the grandsons of Idol of Guamuchil assured that his grandfather He didn’t die … Read more

Verónica Del Castillo commented on celebrities and drug traffickers: “They are serious accusations”


Verónica Del Castillo affirmed that the scandal in which her sister Kate was involved in 2016 was due to manipulation by the government of former President Enrique Peña Nieto. After the publication of the book Emma and the other narco ladies from the acclaimed Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, several characters from the entertainment world have … Read more