Johnny Depp testifies for the second time: “Whatever happens, I came here and told the truth”

Kate Moss at the Depp vs. Heard: “No. She never pushed me down the stairs” 1:38 (CNN) — Johnny Depp took the stand again on Wednesday to refute testimony previously given by witnesses, including Amber Heard, stating that his ex-wife hit him multiple times and that her accusations of violence against him are “appalling.” heard … Read more

Raúl de Molina reappears: After rumors of dismissal he goes out to tell the truth

Molina’s ‘El Gordo’ reappears after rumors that he was fired from Univision. The presenter of ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’ enjoys some free time in Madrid. Raúl de Molina will be back at Univisión as soon as his vacation is over. Raúl de Molina reappears. It was last Wednesday when rumors spread that Raúl de … Read more

The truth about how Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum met: their daughters fought at school | United States Celebs nnda nnlt | CHEKA

“The Lost City” (“The lost city”, in Spanish) is the new film starring Sandra Bullock, who shares roles for the first time with Channing Tatum. The plot centers on the kidnapping of a novelist and how a cover model plunges into an exotic jungle, risking her life, to rescue her from an eccentric millionaire. MORE … Read more

The truth behind the project of Eugenio Derbez and “El Chavo del 8”, this was the reunion

Everyone thought that Eugenio Derbez would be in charge of directing the Chespirito bioseries. Photo: Special Infobae After what Eugenio Derbez raised suspicions around his mysterious project where he would have the special participation of the Chavo del 8one of the most memorable characters Roberto Gomez Bolanos Chespirito, finally shared what the truth is. Contrary … Read more

The truth behind Maribel Guardia’s alleged pregnancy at 61

Maribel Guardia was involved in a rumor that she had become pregnant in 2020 (Photo: EFE/Maribel Guardia) Maribel Guardia has almost always sported a flat abdomen, but in 2020 Rumors arose that he was possibly pregnantbecause he shared some images in which, according to Internet users, he showed a small baby bump. The actress remembered … Read more

This is the truth behind Jorge Salinas and his unrecognized daughter

The truth is that the unacknowledged daughter from Jorge Salinas It is not a minor issue in the actor’s life, which has several unresolved unknowns for years. It was precisely his new partner Elizabeth Álvarez, who spoke and told what the whole truth is. The famous unacknowledged daughter from Jorge Salinas It was the product … Read more

Eugenio Derbez begs Victoria Ruffo to tell the truth about her wedding

Eugenio Derbez begs Victoria Ruffo to tell the truth about her wedding. | Special Eugenio Derbez begs Victoria Ruffo to tell the truth about her weddingbecause years after the conflict where the Mexican comedian lost the protested homeland of his youngest son, Jose Eduardo Derbezassures that to this day it is still an issue that … Read more

The hidden truth of the relationship between Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán

The spanish dancer Toni Costa has not yet made its official relationship with Evelyn Beltran. However, after the months have passed, the rumors do not stop that there is love there. In fact, the latest news was that the dancer ex of Adamari Lopez, He could not stand the criticism they made towards his new … Read more

Octavio Ocaña truth: The alleged truth about Octavio Ocaña is revealed

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Keanu Reeves revealed the truth behind his “sad” photo

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images / Ronald Asadorian / Splash News After more than a decade since the photograph of Keanu Reeves “sad” was taken and went viral on the internet, the renowned 57-year-old actor spoke about the real context of the image that many fans took up as a meme and that could currently … Read more