Jacky Bracamontes receives an uncomfortable comment from Jomari Goyso

The stylist makes a bad comment to the driver. Bracamontes annoyed by Goyso’s comments. The fans react in favor of Jacky. The television presenter, Jacky Bracamontes, is one of the most beloved and famous in Mexico. She recently attended a session with stylist Jomari Goyso to beautify her, but she ended up being criticized by … Read more

Eight sex scenes that made the actors themselves uncomfortable

Lace sex scenes they can talk audiences into a glamorous narrative, but the reality is often very, very embarrassing. The art of sex scenes has been revolutionized in recent years, with highly sought after intimacy trainers to choreograph every move and ensure the safety of the actors. But the awkwardness that comes with doing a … Read more

Francisca Lachapel breaks the silence and talks about her most uncomfortable moment in Despierta América: her divorce

Francisca Lachapel during the magenta carpet of the Lo Nuestro 2022 awards. Photo: Giorgio Viera / EFE “Having to do a show and on top of that talk about a separation”, that was the most awkward moment here, he says Francesca Lachapel in reference to his most complicated moment before the cameras of Despierta América. … Read more

The uncomfortable reaction of China Suárez in her first public appearance after the scandal with Wanda Nara

The first public appearance of China Suárez after the scandal (Video: “Partners of the Show” – El Trece) When it seemed that the scandal with Wanda Nara had been left behind, Eugenia The China Suarez was once again at the center of controversy. It is that on Monday night, they appeared terrible comments of the … Read more