They revealed Piqué’s tricks to be unfaithful to Shakira without being discovered: side doors, exclusive rooms, taxis and meetings “without phones”

Piqué and Shakira, in happy times: they have two children, Milan and Sasha The separation of Gerard Piqué Y Shakira After 12 years of relationship, it continues to generate noise. It is that minute by minute the information of the details of the rupture and the context in which it occurred emerges, in addition to … Read more

They reveal the modus operandi of Gerard Piqué to be unfaithful to Shakira without being discovered

Written in CELEBRITIES the 6/20/2022 12:23 p.m. Just over two weeks ago the separation between Shakira and Gerard Hammered, and the subject follows giving that to speak. Now the alleged modus operandi that the soccer player would have used to go out with his alleged lover without the Colombian singer realizing it. According to the … Read more

They were all the women with whom Prince Philip was unfaithful to Queen Elizabeth II

The prince philiphusband of Queen Elizabeth II and father of her four children, was married to her for more than 73 years, and although as the sovereign’s consort he did not have a constitutional role, no one was as important as him in the monarch’s life. June 10, the Duke of Edinburgh, if he had … Read more

Juana Repetto’s reaction after her partner is accused of being unfaithful

This is how Juana Repetto reacted after her partner was accused of being unfaithful On Tuesday, Sebastian Graviotto, couple of Juana Repetto and father of his son, Belisario fulfilled years and the daughter of Queen Reech wrote him a “Happy in your life, my love.” Immediately, like every post by the actress, it was filled … Read more

“Unfaithful”: this is the relationship of the protagonists of the soap opera in real life

In the soap operaUnfaithful” the characters Asya and Derin They maintain a great rivalry that has led to several discussions and great confrontations for the love of the architect Volkan. The great realism of the scenes has made people wonder if the actors who star in this production get along as badly in real life … Read more

Berkay Ateş: find out if the actor who plays Aras will leave the soap opera “Unfaithful”

A character from the soap operaUnfaithful” who has won the applause of the public is Aras, played by the actor Berkay Ates who appears in the second season of the famous Ottoman drama. His closeness to Dr. Asya and the unconditional support he gives her are details that fans of this production have highlighted about … Read more

Cynthia Klitbo says that Enrique Peña Nieto was unfaithful to Angélica Rivera: “He did ugly things to my friend”


Angelica Rivera. Photo: Archive / Reforma Agency The actress Cynthia Klitbo defended her friend Angelica Rivera of several accusations that have been made against him, revealed that Enrique Pena Nieto he was unfaithful to her during their marriage, even before. “Let them paint your horn as first ladywhat more do you want?, because that was … Read more

Enrique Peña Nieto would have been unfaithful to Angélica Rivera, confessed Cynthia Klitbo


Enrique Peña Nieto would have been unfaithful to Angélica Rivera with her best friend’s niece, according to Cynthia Klitbo (Photo: Instagram/@epn) marriage between Angelica Rivera and the former president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto was involved in several rumors that Cynthia Klitbo, one of the close friends of the former first lady, clarified. The actress … Read more

William Levy: how many times would Elizabeth Gutiérrez have been unfaithful


A few days ago it was announced that the protagonist of “woman-fragranced coffee”, William Levyhad made the decision to separate definitively from his wife Elizabeth Gutiérrez, the mother of his two children with whom he had a controversial affair since 2003. The news was announced by the same actor through his Instagram account, leaving the … Read more