Yesenia Valencia, from ‘La Reina del Flow’ 2, denounces mistreatment in Mexico

Last Thursday, Colombian actress Yesenia Valencia, remembered for her participation in ‘La Reina del Flow 2’, published a video on her social networks denouncing that she had been a victim of violence at an airport in Mexico when security personnel opened her suitcase without her consent, destroying most of her belongings. Valencia described that this … Read more

Ferdinando Valencia against Jesús Ochoa for lack of support in the death of his son: “A deep disappointment as a human being”

The actor questioned the attitude of the ANDA leader (Photos: Instagram/@jesusochoamex/@ferdinandoval) In 2019 the world of Mexican entertainment was shaken by the tragedy that Ferdinand Valencia and his wife Brenda Kellermann they lived by losing their son, who was shortly after being born, Dante, after he presented health problems, which led to meningitis that was … Read more

Red carpet of celebrities, rice and beach for the Goya in Valencia


in the next few hours Valencia will become Los Angeles homeland. The protagonists and supporting cast of Spanish cinema landed in the capital of Túria throughout this Friday on the occasion of the celebration of the Goya Gala. The Palace of les Arts will take over from the hotels on the outskirts of Madrid that … Read more

Actress Marcela Valencia gave a lesson to anti-vaccines


Photo: Instagram @marcelavalenciar In the midst of the controversy over the ‘anti-vaccine passport’ endorsed by various famous, the actress Marcela valencia, co-founder of Petra Theater and who is remembered for his participation in series such as Mafia Dolls Y Alias ​​’The Mexican’, sent a message to all those who have been incredulous about the covid-19 … Read more

Ferdinando Valencia and Brenda Kellerman celebrated the christening of their son


Ferdinando and his wife were happy (Photo: Instagram / @ ferdinandoval) The actor Ferdinando Valencia and his wife Brenda Kellerman celebrated the christening of her son Thaddeus last Friday, December 17 in Colima. Through their temporary stories on their respective Instagram accounts, the couple revealed images of the emotional ceremony in which the two-year-old stole … Read more