“Zero operating room”, Lis Vega confesses on her face

Lis Vega confesses on her face, “Zero operating room” | Facebook Although the dancer Y actress, Lisa Vegacontinues to show off a spectacular figure at 44 years of age, apparently the beautiful star of the TVhas resorted to other physical ‘arrangements’, because for some time now, her lips look very prominent. This new look, with … Read more

Lis Vega in a beautiful black jumpsuit raised the temperature in networks

Lis Vega raised the temperature of her fans from her new home | Instagram For the beautiful actress and singer Lisa Vega The start of the new month meant the arrival of good changes in his personal life and achievements in his career as an artist, so he did not hesitate to be quite happy … Read more

Lis Vega recalled the difficult moment she went through when she found out that she could not be a mother due to an illness

Lis Vega was born on October 20, 1977 in Havana, Cuba. He is currently 44 years old. (Photo: Instagram/@lisvegaoficial) Lis Vega confessed that currently it is no longer within her plans to become a mother after during her youth she tried to get pregnant, but could not get it due to illness. The dancer opened … Read more

Lis Vega in interiors for bunny magazine, taught more

Lis Vega in interiors for bunny magazine, taught more | Instagram “The best for the best”, was the phrase that the Cuban Lisa Vega applied by sharing one of his most recent photographs to delight the retina of his followers on Instagram, who were left breathless after see the “boundaries” of your curves almost completely, … Read more

Lis Vega will continue to undergo aesthetic operations: “Not even if they were going to kiss me”

Lis Vega shared that as long as she likes her appearance, she will continue with the modifications Lisa Vega He has been surprising his admirers for years with various cosmetic surgeries and modificationsHowever, since 2019 he has received a lot of criticism both on social networks and in his close circles. During a meeting with … Read more

“No one keeps me”: Lis Vega happy to sell sensual content at 44 years old

The model turned 44 years old and claimed to feel safe with her age (Photo: Instagram/@lisvegaoficial) Some entertainment figures have diversified their sources of employment and, in addition to their work on television stages and forums, have resorted to to the new trends of the digital world that allow exploring other possibilities of maintaining an … Read more

Who is Charo Vega, the famous Spanish woman who will now be part of “Survivors 2022”


“Survivors 2022″ has confirmed its eighth contestant. This is Charo Vega, an old acquaintance from Spanish television, who rose to fame thanks to her friendship with Carmina Ordóñez and Isabel Pantoja. Although Charo is famous since she was born. She, then, is the granddaughter of Pastora Imperio, myth of the Spanish song, silent movie star, … Read more

Zuria Vega has no problem with her son wearing a dress: “In my family there is no judging”


The actress considers herself a “modern” mom (Photo: Instagram/@zuriavvega) Zuria Vega It has become a trend in social networks after mentioning that in his family social labels, gender roles or prohibitions for the use of some clothes socially classified for one sex or another, do not exist. The actress spoke about the development that she … Read more

Marimar Vega married Jerónimo Rodríguez in Acapulco


Photos: Instagram @marimarvega / @jero_rod Marimar Vega joined his life with Jerome Rodriguez this weekend in an intimate civil ceremony that took place in Acapulco. The actress shared some details of the party through social networks and from the early hours of this Sunday an image of the lovers at their wedding began to circulate. … Read more