Verónica Castro reappears and falls in love with her face, they applaud her for saying no to the scalpel

Verónica Castro reappears and falls in love with her face, they applaud her for saying no to the scalpel. | Special Verónica Castro reappears and falls in love with her face, they applaud her for saying no to the scalpel and display both your gray hairs and your wrinkles with pride. The Mexican actress famous … Read more

Verónica Montes face to face with Jorge Aravena. What happened to the actors?

Telemundo Verónica Montes was not completely sincere One of the most notorious cases in The House of the Famous was the bond that was forming between the Peruvian actors Jorge Aravena and Verónica Montes, but this all fell apart, when some details were revealed thus leaving a strong dispute between the artists, but what happened … Read more

Verónica Forqué: the mistake of looking for guilty of a suicide

A recurring concern among mental health professionals is that there is an erroneous tendency in society to seek a specific cause for suicide. This has been the case with the death of the actress Verónica Forqué, last Monday at his home in Madrid. His most recent public interventions were in the TVE contest MasterChef Celebrity. … Read more

Strong messages from China Suárez about cyberbullying after the death of Verónica Forqué


La China Suárez shared strong messages on her Instagram account The famous Spanish actress Veronica Forqué, known for her work with the director Pedro Almodovar and winner of four Goya Awards was found dead at her home in Madrid. She was 66 years old and carried a depression that deepened after separating from her husband … Read more

MasterChef from Spain, in the spotlight after the death of Verónica Forqué: what did the program’s production respond to


Forqué resigned from Masterchef at the end of November (Gettyimages) Verónica Forqué happy. Verónica Forqué sad. Verónica Forqué out of her mind. Veronica Forqué Zen… Verónica Forqué is dead. While Spain cries, the role of the actress is reviewed in the latest edition of MasterChef Celebrity. Y It is questioned whether the show’s producer, Shine … Read more

Actress Veronica Forqué: former MasterChef participant found dead


Authorities of the city of Madrid, Spain, found in the last hours the lifeless body of the actress Veronica Forqué in his house located on Víctor de la Serna street. According to the newspaper ‘El Mundo’, the emergency services could not do anything to save the artist, so her death was declared at the scene. … Read more

Spanish actress Verónica Forqué was found dead in her home


The actress Verónica Forqué, winner of four Goya awards, died this Monday at her home in Madrid The award-winning actress Verónica Forqué was found dead this morning at her home in Madrid, the Spanish press confirmed this Monday. The lifeless body of the 66-year-old interpreter was found by the person in charge of the domestic … Read more

They find Verónica Forqué dead in her house in Madrid

Veronica Forqué has died. The 66-year-old actress She was found dead this morning at her home in Madrid by the emergency services of Summa that they have not been able to do anything to save his life, as confirmed by EFE. Sources of the investigation have indicated to Europa Press that the main hypothesis of … Read more

Verónica Del Castillo commented on celebrities and drug traffickers: “They are serious accusations”


Verónica Del Castillo affirmed that the scandal in which her sister Kate was involved in 2016 was due to manipulation by the government of former President Enrique Peña Nieto. After the publication of the book Emma and the other narco ladies from the acclaimed Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, several characters from the entertainment world have … Read more

Not only Verónica Castro: Yolanda Andrade gave hints of a romance with Thalía


The two stars would have had a romance in their youth (Photos: Twitter / TvAztecaJalisco // Instagram @ thalia) There has been a lot of speculation about Yolanda Andrade’s sentimental life, especially since the host was openly gay on television. Before that, her private life was speculation among the public, who closely related her to … Read more