Gonzalo Valenzuela shared a photo of Silvestre, his eldest son with Juana Viale, and was struck by the resemblance

Gonzalo Valenzuela, a proud father Although he was for a long time a couple Juana Viale, Gonzalo Valenzuela He was always a fan of the low profile. In that sense, he was concerned at all times to take care of the privacy of the children he had with the actress, that’s why he surprised the … Read more

Susana Giménez surprised Juana Viale and went to see her at the theater in Punta del Este: “You look divine!”

The diva went to see “El Ardor”, the play starring Juana Viale and is on tour in Uruguay After two years venturing into the role of driver at lunches and dinners in place of her grandmother, Juana Viale he refocused his energies on his acting vocation and these days he is starring in the play … Read more

Juana Viale surprised in the networks: the photo kissing a mysterious man who is not her boyfriend


Juana Viale enjoys her vacation in Punta del Este One week after the end of the 2021 season of The Night of Mirtha Y Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, cycles in which he has replaced his famous grandmother since March 2020, Joan Viale He decided to go to rest at the house that his family … Read more

Juana Viale made a surprising comment about Wanda Nara and pointed out against Mauro Icardi: “Poor little thing”


Juana Viale A week after the scandal broke out over the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, with Eugenia la China Suárez marked as third in discord, the theme is far from exhausted. The protagonists themselves, each in their own way, move the tiles on the social media board and different personalities from entertainment, … Read more